Vegas NFL Picks Week 2

Just for fun but for real funny money this time around.

Here are some basics and keeping it as simple as I can, as it is only funny money and fun for those who want to play:

Bet whatever funny money you want on as many games as you want. Bet only on what types of bets with which you are familiar please too.

Parlays are allowed with 2-way paying 2.6 to 1, 3-way paying 6.5 to 1, and 4-way paying 12 to 1.
For parlays all ties lose just for that part of the bet, and any more than 4-ways let's stop there to not get crazy.

If betting a team to win outright aka the Money Line, check ... Lines.aspx
for the latest line only for those Money Line bets.

Please check before you post because
once you post your funny money bet, like at a sports book there is no revision or cancellation.

Hint: There is nothing to stop you however from taking the double or more of the opposite position at the then-current odds though to cancel out your prior bet if you change your mind.

Odds at the time of your bet, not at the time of someone else's bet, apply to your bet. If you like the new odds better, of course you can make another bet!

If the game goes off the board, you have the right to cancel your bet OR to re-post it at new odds if it goes back on the board (the latter being rare).

All bets count only if the full 4 quarters of any game are played, and OVERTIME counts too!

8 )
Have fun and good luck!

Tough week to pick already ...

$21 NOR -4.5

$7 3-Way Parlay
HOU -3

Every week seems to be a tough week for picks (for me) in the NFL.

$11 BAL. -1.5 / CIN
$11 INDY -5 / N.Y. GIANTS
$11 PHIL -4.5 / DET
$11 N.E./N.Y. JETS - UNDER 38 PTS.

$11 NE -3
$11 OAK -3

Tough week for you guys indeed but mine is going okay so far ...anyone who thinks this is easy is kidding themselves, but join in the fun next week perhaps.

Beyond about week 6 or week 7 I don't even play for fun except for certain games that come up with the heavy favourites at that point.

I hit 2-ways out of my 3-way parlay because amazingly the HOU/WAS game pushed! I have to see the highlights, as I have no idea how Houston now 2-0 pulled that off! And McNabb had one of his best days ever as a QB too.

If Houston did not push, I would have been out my money altogether on the parlay bet. Instead because they pushed I go down to the next level parlay and get 2.6 to 1 for 2-0-1 and +$18.20 so far (if Houston had covered I would have landed +$45.50 mind you).

We'll see how it all finishes up tomorrow night for the Saints "heavy" on my ticket.

Backer looks like you might salvage one tonight knock on wood GO COLTS! :slight_smile: :thup:

Stupid Saint's defence, but hey the 49ers pulled a BC Lions. :frowning:

Anyway 2-1-1 for -$2.80 in that tough week. None of us came out ahead in funny money.