vegas lines on cfl week1

bc -3.5 at tor o/u:47.5

edm -1.5 v wpg o/u:47.5

mont -3 v sask o/u:51

cal -10 v ham o/u:52.5

for entertainment purposes only

:D 8)

BC, WPG, Sask (No Doubt), Ham

Hmmm, I would have thought the oddsmakers may have given Montreal and BC a bigger spread.

So what do you think about winnipeg being the underdog vs. edmonton?

I think Winnipeg will win.

Yesterday, BC was favored by 2 and now the pointspread might approach 4. Obviously, public money is on BC. In online gambling contests, I find top handicappers to be the best forecasters but even they are often wrong. Early in 2006 season, betting total unders was profitable. Maybe BC-Toronto under 48 points?

I don't think the Eskies (or their fans) will let them forget what happened last year. I like Ray to Tucker, more than Glen to Stegal. I beleive it will be close, but I think Edmonton will win it.

They just released the rosters for the game, looks like the Bombers are going with 4 import receivers, Milt, Armstrong, Brazzell and Edwards. I'd take the points for sure in this one. :wink:

...yup ....i hope the Esks. have their dbs. in top form.....their gonna have have to be 'fleet of foot' in this one ....go BigBlue :rockin:

Well I went 3 for 4 on my predictions.. not too bad