Vegas CFL Lines Week 7: Just For Fun

Again, just for fun chose anywhere from 1 to 8 picks based on these lines and indicate your funny money bet for each please.

Also unlike in the Grey Cup Challenge and just like at any real betting venue, once you make a pick you CANNOT modify it with yet another post after editing is no longer available to you otherwise, so PLEASE GO SLOW before posting!

For you new to this thread, the first number based on the average or majority Vegas lines in a majority of the big casinos is the spread and the second is the over/under.

All odds are -110 | /1.1 | 11:10 unless indicated otherwise.

SK -8.5 / 54

WPG -4 / 54.5

MTL -7.5 / 53

CGY -9 / 52.5

Please note that these are not MY picks just the lines, and I will make my picks in my next post. Good luck.

Tough lines this week again, so only one pick again for me.

$14 SK -8.5

And the lines for the stadium issue...

P…if you want an earlier set of lines ( Monday) go to:


Probably the most reputable off shore book…
go to football link on left side.
they get the lines out early…all others follow along.
more time may give you more response

I'm going to really stick my neck out here.

Hamilton at Winnipeg. For $13.00; I'll take the Tiger-Cats to win and also to cover the spread. :rockin: In other words I'll give the points.

SK -8.5
SK O 54
WPG -4

$22 on each

For that bet as I understand your comments, your bet would be not only HAM to win but also HAM -4, otherwise known as a teaser bet, you get better odds at +145 then.

If otherwise I am mistaken in understanding your comment and you are only picking Hamilton to win as the underdog and nothing more, also known as the “money line” bet, you would get only +115.

I have you down HAM -4 +145 then lest you state otherwise by Thursday 4:00PM PT.

This one's too easy Cool ...all bets are off! :stuck_out_tongue:

Paolo X wrote; I have you down Ham -4 +145. Thanks, sounds good to me.

That wraps it up for me for the week. Good luck to all others and I'll tally after the rest of the games.

Paolo X Week 7
1-0 +$12.75

2-0 +$22.75

Wrapping up the week -- great gutsy teaser call by Backer for Hamilton to win AND -4!

Thanks for sticking your necks out and playing along even with only funny money.

Week 7

Backer 1-0 +$18.85
Jman 1-2 -$24.00


Backer 1-1 +$7.85
Jman 3-3 -$6.00

That's it for me until September, and then we'll see how the lines look as the oddsmakers get so much better at it.