Vegas CFL Lines Week 6 -- Just For Fun

Have fun with this thread if you will and it's only for fun with funny money for those of you familiar already with betting on football like me for mostly NFL and NCAA football.

This is just for kicks now and there is no contest. (yet?)

One catch before your post unlike for the other fun contest by BigDave -- once you make your pick, just as when you would bet at a sports book or online, you cannot change it! SO SLOW DOWN and PROOFREAD BEFORE YOU POST please! :thup:

Here are the lines via MGM/Mirage as of the time of this post, so stick to these to avoid confusion for sake of pickes but feel free to comment in addition on any other lines you have secured for of course they will change:

The first number is the spread, and the second is the over/under.

SK@MTL: MON -5.5 / 60.5

TOR@EDM: EDM -5.5/ 51.5

WIN@HAM: HAM -2.5/ 53.5

CAL@BC: CAL -3/ 48.5

My pick:

$11 WPG/HAM Under(U) 53.5

Note that all odds are -110 or 11/10 or 1.10 unless specified otherwise, meaning for example a bet of $110 that wins would result in a return of $210 back to you or $100 win/profit (in funny money of course, but bet like it's real to test yourself).

And sorry no free drinks here though. :frowning:

My pick;

Tor @ Edm : -5.5 / I'll bet $11 that Edmonton wins and covers the spread. In other words the Eskimo's win by more than 6pts.

For clarification backer, you would cover that bet if Edmonton wins by 6 points or more. :thup:

Also to not confuse things for anyone, of course you may make more than one pick all the way up to 8 if you are feeling really lucky, but otherwise I happened to only like one this week.

That's correct and I'll stick with the one choice.


I see a lot of close games this week.

I bet BC losses by 15 points to Calgary

For sake of the fun, what funny amount of $ wagered on each please?

This is known as a teaser bet if you were to take it in Vegas.

As I am not in Vegas I'll make up the odds for it, say +550/x+5.5/11:1, but what would be your funny money wager on such a bet? Put some fake skin in the game at least!

22$ on each.

My pick: I'll bet 20 monopoly dollars on the under in the bc/calgary game

Jman will be up for the week no matter what at 2-0 and +$40.

He's also correct in his prediction of two close games so far.

Thanks to all for sticking their necks out and playing at the very least.

Here are this week’s funny money winners and associated offline bragging rights (note it’s bad karma to get cocky when winning and betting though lest it is after the Grey Cup I think, but to each his own):

JMAN 2-1 +$18
Paolo X 1-0 +$10

I’ll give this thread another go next week with the four games on separate nights, and then I will hold off until September because I’ll be travelling and moving into my new place anyway.

odds were right about all except Argos and Eskimos.

so half lol?