Vega, Washington - POTW

Congratulations to Jason Vega and Demond Washington for being named Defensive and Special Teams players of the week, respectively. Would have been better if we'd won but they still deserved the honours.

Vega easily with his most inspired game of the year putting up 3 sacks.

Couple of good kick returns last week but the TD return for Washington seals the honors for him.

Great job and congrats to both.

Happy for both players.
I think we all were expecting a little more from Vega this year, hopefully he can have more games like this. The whole Dline looked great. With Turner, Hall, Mainor, Kashama, Collier & Thomas, we should have a strong pass rush. I'd just like to see them be a little better at wrapping up QB's (far too many slip away for big gains), and be better against the run.
Washington is a guy we need to build around. Love him. I can't wait to see the secondary with him, Sears, and Stewart all on.

I might be persuaded to put Sears at the corner in place of Washington and let Washington just focus on returns.

But they don't pay me the big bucks to make these kinds of decisions. . .

They should Madjack. Sears is returning to his spot now that his injury has healed

He was on Hamilton's neg. list?
I wonder how serious we were about bringing him up here.Personally i'm happy with the progression of our Aussie punter Josh Bartel.
Let me know how the TC battle goes