is the labour day game in calgary the game that terry ( trader/ pouter baby) vaughn gets his number retired in calgary

Is that like a day-trader or something?

Was he a fur trader? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I doubt he was a lesbian.....

Too risque?

<aybe a stock trader! :lol:

or maybe like former Rangers GM Phil Esposito who became known as Trader Phil

....between being a fur trader and a lesbian ...just what type of award will Terry be getting.... :roll:

:lol: Maybe a little...

Why go down as filthy Eskimo when you can be a Stampeder?

They would have let him take a show.....oh...I see what you mean....

I hope arjoel is old enough for this next one (or maybe it's better if he isn't).
At first I thought we were back to talk of fur traders....

Can't help it....

Well it seems Terry is smart to come back to the team where he started to retire! Good man and a class act.