Vaughn-zo, gone-zo... Montreal for William Loftus.

Whaddaya think, Turd? :shock:

As an als fan Im really happy about this trade Loftus is reaplaceable and vaughn has gotten 1000 yards for the past ten years heres hoping he makes it 11. But the esks did need a safety and loftus will do better than wiltshire would and he did want out of montreal

good move by montreal. vaughn is an asset to any team. although montreals defence seems to have taken a beating this offseason.

I agree, as much as he doesn’t fill Copeland’s shoes he certainly puts back into the Montreal O a weapon of choice for AC, but what has been done to bolster the D backfield?


settle down there young padawah, Vaughn is gone, that's o.k. cause Maas can only look at one side of the field at any given time anyway......hehehe

C'est qui ça Vaughn? who's Vaughn? is he good? which position he plays?je connais pas les joueurs des autres équipes. :?

Better let someone from Eskimo land explain that one......they love him there, that's why they were so eager to sign him.....

I think its great. :lol:

how the hell do not know who Terry Vaughn is? he is the greatest SB ever. he started i calgary but he is still good. he's only about 5'7 but he always takes balls into the middle of the field, fights for every yard, and has gooten 9 straight 1000 yard seasons.

I think this trade favours the Als but i agree the esks have really improved there DB's this offseason and now whiltshire can play his natrual postion of linebacker

This is a great deal for the als. They have an amazing receiving core now. The als are gonna be tough to beat as always, but im not sure about a grey cup with not much of a running game.

well u always have to watch out for MTL, but now they got Vaughn, the added weapon.

This makes Curl unhappy. Good thing I've got Tucker on my jersey(it was a toss up between the two).

I thought I would make my comment on T Vaughn even as old as he is a great SB. Once he gets the ball he is elusive. Even with the walker he uses he is faster then some of those receivers the Riders have. Montreal won this trade!

Not much of a running game? We've got Jenkins, Lapointe and Jonas Lewis this year. I'd say we're poised to have one helluva running game.

In any case, this is a good trade for Edmonton and a great trade for us. We didn't need Loftus anyway. With Crutchfield, Sejour, Karikari, Fortin and the new faces, I'm sure we'll replace the starting halfback, cornerback and safety spots.

I read in another forumn that posters thought this was a salary dump and I would agree with that. I would have to think the Esks are over the cap or will be soon. I am dissapointed that Vaugn is leaving, I think he has a couple good seasons left.
He is a competitor for sure. As far as Loftus goes well I read on here a couple weeks ago about how canadian depth always wins the trade, not sure if this qualifies.

I'll still give the trade to the Als but I don't think it's lopsided.

Also best of luck to the Stamps this season redwhite2005

I think that Edmonton won this one. They are going to have one scary defence to play against this yr (depending on how quickly they can gel). They did not really have any issues putting points on the board last year, and all the talk in Edmonton this year is how TV did not fit into the offensive plans. TV only have 2 tds last year and barely made 1000 yds. Bring in a rookie and let Tucker help him out.


A couple extra things. Dys is right there was some criticism about the fact that Vaughn made 150,00 last year but only produced 2 td's. His comment in the paper was that he was worth every penny. I thought that was a interesting backpeddle.

Disciplineandpunish, I would not be too sold on Crutchfield just yet. I have serious questions about the guys character. You do know that he just recently auctioned off his 2003 Grey Cup ring on ebay don't you? What's up with that? You get brought into the fold, made part of a great franchise, go to war with a group of guys and win a championship. You are given something that only that group of guys will ever have because they earned as a team and less than two years later you sell it online like it was nothing more than a spare trinket. To add insult to injury you do it while you are still on the same team!

My first reaction to that was to hope that the Esks uncerimoniously dump his ass. He obviously didn't get what it meant to be an Eskimo. It is true that we signed Davis Sanchez and I'm sure that helped speed up the process, but make no mistake. He was released, cut, dumped, kicked to the curb and otherwise sent packing, period. You gotta be a team player to wear Green and Gold, and anyone who is hawking a championship ring like that is not the kind of player we want here.

Getting good receivers out of Edmonton will help reveal Jason Maas' true nature. Can he get the job done when less miracle catchers are there to grab his throws?

I like the feel of this trade.