Vaughn to go???

Now that we have Hill back,maybe the team should trade Vaughn,sign Hill long term.,and trade one of the backs,hopefully Ranek(little ball of yarn!)for an o-lineman.
I was never thrilled to have Vaughn on the team..seems like an "indivudual stats type of guy"
my thought..any thoughts?

After the interview I read today, id have no problem with that at all.

individual stats type of guy? I don't think so, I don't see how you can say that because he is just doing what he is supposed to do when the ball is thrown his way...he hasn't complained once about not getting the ball enough and when he does get the ball it seems like he is always trying for that extra yard...I don't think they should trade any recievers now that Hill is back because we already go rid of Cavil which cleared a roster spot for Hill, as for the running backs we need to make a trade if Lumsden is indeed comming back, but we don't need to make a trade at these positions right away...we will see though.

See if that changes your mind, it certainly changed my opinion of him.

my thinking "tdcats" is..if we trade or release Vaughn by labour day,we don't have to pay his salary for the rest of the year..more money for Hill..possibly Lumsden,to sign longterm,and maybe get something inreturn in a trade...Vaughn won't be back next year anyway,plus he is getting old.

Nothing Marty York ever says or quotes should change anyones mind about anything. Ever.

I can see your point but I don't see how he is a stats type of guy...he doesn't complain once about not getting the ball, he has been around for some time and has achieved those stats and probably worked very hard for them...he is correct when saying that we don't have that many proven guys on the team to be really successful because in truth...we don't...there are guys that have played a couple good seasons and people think that they are all-stars, vaughn just wants to win...

what makes you think Hill wants to sign a longterm contract? what makes you think Lumsden will even be back? As of right now Vaughn is one of if not our most reliable reciever we have...WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU TRADE HIM NOW???

I didnt see Terry Vaughn coming out and saying "Hey, that was not what I said..." etc.

I agree completely about York, but he usually doesnt name sources.

You have to shake your head dont you ???

who me?

I'm hoping Hill will sign longterm after not making the NFL again,as for Jesse,if not signing him,,maybe trading his rights..
and why would I trade Vaughn now,,why not!.get something for him in return while he still has stock(he won't be here next year)..seasons over,start building for next year.

why won't he be here next year? where did you see that he is leaving the team?

vaughn and morreale are the only guys we got who can catch a ball in traffic.what idiot would want to trade either of these receivers

apparently catfan13...sorry catfan, don't mean to say ur an idiot but u want to see him traded so yea lol

who mentioned morreale??
hey a**hole just thoughts.. no needs for names!

Article doesnt protray Vaughn in the best light but then again…did you see who wrote it? Marty York!. He is such an awful journalist (if I dare call him that). He’s dropped so far that the only gig hes got is for the Metro.

Ive read his columns in there before and they are so far from the truth. So I wouldnt take what he says to heart.

Wasn’t the move of Cavil to the Peg made to make room for Hill ? Why get rid of him when we can have both ???

I'd like to suggest we trade some of the fans in Hamilton as they are 100% FICKLE.
1 person doesn't make a team. We are the best team (on paper) stats aside.
We basically gone through turmoil this year and misguided mentality speaks or point out individual players and coaches.
You're all as bad a Leaf fans.
Most of you probably made 3rd team in High school ball or have no idea of the game ....and it shows.


we have hill back??