Vaughn to 1000, twice.

With only four games remaining on the Tiger-Cats schedule and the season lost, let's focus more on one player, an individual of the CFL who has preformed at a high level year after year. Let's take a look at Tabbie Terry Vaughn.

Vaughn, the CFL leader in receptions needs only three more catches to be the first player in the history of the CFL to catch 1000 passes while playing in the CFL, quite a task. This '1000' Vaughn is surely to get, and will be a record, and remembered moment (and number) in the CFL for years to come.

However, another Vaughn '1000' may seem like a bit of a stretch at first, but in reality, it's not. Terry as of September 19th, 2006 has 51 catches for 544 yards this year (10.7 yards a catch) which is well short of 1000 yards receiving. With Vaughn holding a CFL record of 11 straight CFL Seasons with 1000 yards, it seems only fit to help him continue this record. This is not impossible, all we have to do is feed him the ball. With 4 games remaining, Vaughn would have to average 114 yards per game to hit 1000. I would love to see them feed Vaughn the ball, and get him that record.

To Maas, Lancaster, and whomever else deals with the Offense. Get Vaughn the ball, give him long bombs, short slants, medium routes, anything to allow him to continue his record. Who agrees that this team, the offense, should focus on Vaughn for the remainder of the year, and help him acheive yet another record in his remarkable CFL Career.

What is his status next year?

I love watching Vaughn play. The effort and hustle is inspiring. A true professional.

I'd have to disagree with this approach for a number of reasons.'s a team game and we should not be focussing on an individuals personal accomplishments. The offense hasn't exactly been firing on all cylinders lately so I think the focus should remain on getting an appropriate offensive scheme working...a balanced attack. The other focus should still remain win games.

Second, as I stated, our offense hasn't exactly been lighting up the scoreboard. So how are we suddenly going to start doing that by only going to one receiver. What didn't work in previous games (long bombs etc) won't automatically work now if we decide to only throw to Vaughn. Besides which, if that were to become the plan, the opposing defenses would soon key in on that fact.

Anyone remember when Darren Flutie needed a specific number of receptions to pass (?? Pitts...I can't recall who). There was a period of several games where opposing teams were killing Flutie to prevent him from getting a passing record, to the point he end up with a concussion and out of the line up for a number of games.

Let's just concentrate on having the team play better.

This is an unreasonable request. when there are other players on the offense whose careers and future contracts depend on stats. ie flick brock morealle as well as the rb's. why would we make a game plan to suit vaughn and hurt others?? play the game. if he s open throw it to him. if there is something the oc thinks he can take advantage of then so be it. i mean come on if he needed 8-10 catches in a single game then i might see them throwing a couple extra balls his way but you are asking way too much. all good things must come to an end.

Vaughn should have easily been a 1,000 yard receiver this season, but they should have been throwing the ball to him a month ago when they needed offence and where still in the playoff hunt.

nice thread- it would be a shame if Vaughn - were not to get his worker like 1000 yd season, esp here in the Hammer- :thdn: but with all the weapons the cats have,and the offence jellin -who know,s maybe Maas will get him the ball AND eat the consecutive completion record raw

Just hope they throw to him a few times.

Now that the Cats O scored a few TDs, making my “Bound and determined to see the Cats O score a TD 2006” Edmonton trip less dramatic, I’ll settle for seeing Vaughn get his 1000th catch and a standing O at Commonwealth, where he made a good number of those catches.

Added bonus - I’ll be one of the few clapping for both Vaughn’s record and the Cats first down.

Focus on Vaughn? No.

I think the number one priority should be winning the game.

I think the second priority should be evaluating the talent for next year.

I'd be willing to grant priority number three to Vaughn's thousand yard season.