Vaughn or Stegall in their prime, which one?

Ok, which one would you choose if they were in their prime and you were starting a team and had to choose one of these guys, and only one, as your prime receiver?

Kamau Peterson was pretty hot too in his prime. Quite sadly, his prime lasted about 15 minutes.

lol,but i would choose milt all the way!!

And that was before he even hit Winnipeg.

I think I'd go for Vaughn, he is tougher with over the middle type clutch catches and with his stocky build, gets more yards in tight corners with guys all around him.

Peterson, oh yes, does the word "prime" exist for him?

Yes. Just like the word "gorgeous" exists for Uglyandhasty.


I would take Stegall. Vaughn might make more receptions overall , but Stegall gets more TDs.

Stegall ...totally a homer choice but think Terry Vaughn is great ...different styles of receivers. Stegall is better at reading defences ...Vaughn is better with the ball in his hands ...both make the tough catches.

Terry Vaughn. I’ve seen him light up the Eskimos for 200 yards when he was with the Stamps.

All I will say is its a good thing they did not play on the same team !

Stegall probably gets you more touchdowns, but Vaughn gets you a lot more first downs, which equals more time of posession, which equals your defence resting on the sidelines. So if I had to choose between the two, I would choose Vaughn.

Terry Vaughn, Reason he makes his moves after the catch, whereas the great Stegal just gets open a lot! To very different receivers in my opinion both great!


Stegall had 153 yards 2 weeks ago.
Homer maybe, but I'd prefer a guy that takes it to the house.

gotta be fernandez

Thats funny I did not see his name with Vaughn and Stegal! You creating your own thread! :lol:

This thread is about the same as saying Which one would you like to have: a Mercedes or a Jaguar?

Quite honestly, if I could have any of the two, I'd take it and say "thank you sir".

Interesting 3/10. Why not just start with the Mercedes(Stegall), and then acquire the Jag(Vaughn)....

Id stick with the Hummer(Fernandez) :wink: :smiley: