Vaughn Martin et Philip Blake?

À moins que je ne m'abuse, Vauhn Martin et Philip Blake semblent n'avoir pas trouvé preneur à l'amorce de la 2ième semaine de jeu dans la NFL.

Je ne sais pas s'ils espèrent toujours un revirement de leur situation lorsque des blessures surviendront, mais je verrais d'un bon oeil qu'ils s'alignent avec les Alouettes. Des joueurs de leur qualité seraient plus que bienvenus.

I e-mailed Martin`s agent last week hoping to get a scoop. :smiley: He never replied. I can only assume Martin does not have interest in the CFL.

As for Blake, Popp told Herb a couple of weeks ago that his agent had contacted him. No word since. I am assuming then that they are far apart contract wise. If that`s the case he sure would make good trade bait. Reading the Vanc. papers this week the Lions o-line is in a mess.

I’d try to trade his rights to the Bombers for Mulumba.

If Philip Blake was traded, Hamilton, given their Can talent,other than on the offensive line, would be a good possibility. Players such as Samuel Giguère, Plesius, a DT could be options. I wonder if Samuel Giguère is signed beyond 2014.


I believe Giguere signed in 2012 for 3 yrs, so likely a free agent after this year. And he does not seem to be an Austin guy.

Would 2 division rivals be willing to trade? And Ham. will be getting Dyakowski back.

Je suis surpris que vous voyez tous Blake ailleurs qu'à Montréal. Pour ma part, il me semble que je l'essaierais sur la ligne avant de l'échanger, quitte à faire un échanger un autre joueur si Blake s'avère plus intéressant à garder.

I definitely would want Blake to sign here. I love my Canadian o-linemen. I was only suggesting a trade to BC if Blake is looking for Josh Bourke type money that Popp cant /wont pay, but BC might be desperate enough.

You’d trade a top Olinesman to your biggest division rival 8)

Depending what you receive in return.


You trade Blake to Hamilton they would throw Giguere ( a 29/30 year old fifth receiver, basically a Deslauriers) at you. All of a sudden they have 3 starting National on their line and can play an extra import receiver. Only way I’d make that trade is if allows us the same advantage that would have to be a starting caliber defensive tackle.

Yep, I don’t make that trade with Hamilton unless someone like Ted Laurent is coming back the other way. If they try to lowball us, I say thanks but no thanks and move on.

Oui, mais le problème, c’est que si on veut avoir un échange relativement équitable, les joueurs qu’on pourrait avoir en retour risqueraient de coûter à peu près le genre de budget que l’équipe paye pour Bourke de toute façon. Amenez Eric Taylor à Montréal (je fabule, je le sais!), il ne coûtera pas moins cher que de garder Blake.

I spent an hour tonight looking for info on these two guys. Only info obtained was old news that Philip Blake was released by Arizona. I even looked up Jesse Joseph, U of Connecticut, a defensive end who was drafted by us in 2013. His name was not listed in the NFL listing.

Jesse Joseph was extremely disappointed he did not get drafted in the NFL in May. He had a very average pro day. Nothing that would have even been top 2 0r 3 at the CFL combine. Not sure he'll ever play again.

Vaughn Martin has been released by Kansas City.

Vaughn Martin appears to have the size and speed to play inside or outside along the defensive front. With the mandatory roster reductions to 75 beginning today, there are at least 10 NFL teams that will be looking to upgrade at DE and DT.

So we will know very shortly if Martin is or is not wanted. Then there is the lure of the NFL, which pays CFL wage scale for practice squad positions. But Martin is Canadian, so there is a better chance for him to return home.

Practice squads are not for everyone. Chandler Harnish, who was a record-setting QB at Northern Illinois, before spending the past three years with the Colts, Vikings, and Cardinals, just turned down a Seahawk offer to attend preseason camp because there was no guarantee that he could compete for a permanent roster spot.

He’d be our “Nose” in Montreal, he would be a game changer.
I doubt very much Martin can be on a practice squad he’s in his sixth NFL season.

He dressed for between 10-16 games his four seasons in San Diego so I expect you are right. Plus, he is getting way more expensive than rookies and second year players who have undeveloped upside. Expect it is roster or bust.

Would be amazing to have him inside but he's a veteran and might well catch on with another NFL team.

I hope we can get him. It appears we will be fighting Ottawa for a playoff spot!