Vaughn Martin Drafted by Chargers

According to the website, University of Western Ontario defensive tackle Vaughn Martin was selected by the San Diego Chargers today in the 4th round (113th pick overall) in the NFL Draft.

He was, that's so cool

Here is the link to a report on about the drafting of Vaughn Martin:

And here is a link to the bio of Vaughn Martin on At 6' 3", 331 lbs, his remarkable performance at his Pro Day workout included a 40 yard dash time of 4.96, and 44 bench press reps.

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44 reps on the bench press, that is unreal...anything over 30 usually draws attention.

He'll drop in The CFL Draft in two years
I think He be a 2nd round at best

i wouldnt touch him till the final round. 4th rounders stick in the NFL for longer than 2 years.

Will be still be eligible for the CFL draft? That seems strange.

4th round is pretty high for a guy in a Canadian school! Does this mean a CFL team can’t draft him now? At least for the sake of having his CFL neg. rights if he ever comes up here one day.

No They Can't draft him Cause he not Eligible for the CFL Draft till 2011
If He Sticks in the NFL He Drop from 2nd Round to 5th Round in 2011

i think this should be great insperation for rookies, recruits, and canadian players all around that you can get into the NFL if you do everything in your power to get there. Nothing comes easy, and when you work hard enough you can make it!

It does not matter what your birth certificate says, it still comes down to bench press reps and 40 times.

Any news on Jamall Lee did he get picked, he still could get a tryout as a free agent.

Jamal Lee was signed as a free agent by the Carolina Panthers

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This vid shows some of his power.
But I have to ask....when you watch, listen close...... did the guy holding the bag say "on three" with Vaughn jumping the gun before "one"?

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Martin ready for shot at NFL

Tue, April 28, 2009

FOOTBALL: Western star great on and off the field


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I like good human interest stories.


Martin was flown in to San Diego before the draft,
and introduced to the owners and coaching staff.

The Chargers knew what they are getting on the football field
but they weren't fooling around when it came to other stuff.

When he got home, he was followed around for a couple of days
by a private investigator that the Chargers assigned to him!


I see Mickey Donavan, the import C.I.S linebacker
who Greg Marshall kept around on injured roster

with the Ticats is coaching for him at Western.

There has been some inconsistencies with both the bench press totals and the 40 yard times for Vaughn Martin. Now on one hand he did appear at the Michigan pro day, a training center in Ontario and at least one other site so it could be as simple as that. I have seen 31, 33, 40 and 44 for his bench press totals as well as sub-5.00, 5.00 flat and 5.17 for his 40 times.