Vaughn is getting the boot

#AlsMTL set to release Canadian DT Vaughn Martin… #CFL #LCF via @JDunk12

Well that was fun while it lasted eh...

He'll show up in Toronto or Hamilton and they will be patient with him.

With Klassen and Martin gone. Als are in a ratio bind.

Not at $175k they won't, and not with Martin at age 30. If he catches on somewhere, it will be for substantially less coin to be a backup / rotation national body.

With Klassen and Martin gone. Als are in a ratio bind.
Why? 5 O-line + 1 FB/WR + 1 FS = 7 starters.

Obviously disappointing after the off-season hype, but not surprising based on his lack of production. I`m sure Anwar Stewart tried his best with him.

Somebody wrote awhile back, perhaps Dunk, that his body was beat up from his NFL stint.

He's going to take a reduction obviously but one of these two teams will pick him up.

That means if Brouillette or Giguere get hurt, we are in trouble. They will have to be replaced by a Canadian.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 25m25 minutes ago
According to Jim Popp, DT Vaughn Martin requested his release after #Als failed to arrange a trade. Denied it was salary cap related.

Looks like he wanted out for whatever reason. Hard to believe anyone would want to leave such a successful team as our Als.

The question is if Thorpe/Stewart really gave him an opportunity and he sucked, or if he needed more time to develop and they weren`t willing to work with him. Thorpe has been going primarily with a 3-4 with Cash at nose tackle and Hebert the extra LB. Klassen and on occasion Martin would sub in for Cash.

I only remember Martin having an effect on 3 plays. One was a fumble recovery. Second play was when he fell on Ricky Ray and sent him on the 6-game. Last one was when he made a questionable decision of returning a kickoff and in the process, falling on and breaking the leg of his backup: Klassen.

Not a surprise; Finley or Joseph will replace him adequately; since the defensive schemes have been almost exclusively 3-4, Martin was not needed/did not help; they could always add an Int. DT and dress 1 less Int. WR.

I don't worry for ratio issues.


Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 1h1 hour ago
I wouldn't be surprised if former #Als' DT Vaughn Martin resurfaces in Hamilton.

Another high profile Popp signing that goes... Pop. :oops:

I will be surprised if Vaughn Martin ends up in Hamilton, unless Ted Laurent is injured. I would not be surprised if he signs with Saskatchewan. Calgary is also a possibility.


He might try his hand back in the NFL. He's healthy and in game shape to an extent.

Didier Orméjuste said the Als asked Martin this week to reduce his salary to the minimum after he took a pay cut 3 weeks ago.

Pretty much his season in a nutshell. I won't miss him. A guy his age with years of NFL experience should have been productive out the gate. DT isn't a complex position to learn -- it's not different up here, really, except for the one-yard gap at the LOS. Your job is basically to push the pocket, command double-teams, and disrupt sight lines, while making tackles against the run. His stats were pitiful through 7 games.

Let's not forget that Anwar Stewart would have likely been involved in this decision. Stewart, Thorpe, and Popp all had to sign off on this.

Popp has to go.

Nobody’s saying different, my friend.

Where do you get a 300 pound experienced National DT for 53 000 ???

[i]You don't! Maybe Popp asked Martin to cut his salary to the minimum, knowing he would refuse and ask for his release. If he stays, Popp gets him for cheap.

Don't forget the contracts become guaranteed for the season game 10. After that, the Als would have been stuck paying him his full salary for the season. [/i]

Now Jesse Joseph will pickup the slack :lol:

Where would you pay a first-year CFL player more, given his lack of production?

LOL at "experienced." He played 7 games and sucked pretty badly in those 7 games. He's 30 years old. What awesome value does he add to another team, midseason?