Vaughn a Ti-Cat

Thought Hamilton fans would be more excited about this but anyways Terry Vaughn is now a Tiger-Cat. Last year he had over 1000 yards receiving (again) and caught 8 td passes.

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Still think they will only win one game this year yogi? just curious.

I was calling for Hamilton to finish a close third…but now I’m picking Hamilton to challenge Toronto for second. I think the addition of Vaughn is just that little bit extra that was needed.

Now if they can just get one more good player on their secondary, I’ll be picking them to challenge Montreal for first. :smiley:

I think Hamilton will do quite well this year! It is going to be a battle in the East

I have a new nickname for the Hamilton offence, "Eskimos East".

ex eskimo qb Maas has experience with ex-eskimo receivers Kwame Cavil, Brock Raplh, Terry Vaughn.

No doubt…Hughy sent the wrong man packing…
Wicky Way, needed help last year, someone to drop breadcrumbs…
Poor Wickey, he has no friends this year…he’s lost…

Hamilton will be the team to beat in the East Division this year. Toronto and Montreal will fight it out for 2nd and 3rd and the bombers will watch the playoffs from their TV sets.

the ti-cats will be no push over this year, Vaughan has a lost step, but is still a sure handed guy, the east is getting a lot tighter from top to bottom.......

And we can call the Eskimos "Ticats West": Troy Davis, Joe Montford, Tim Bakker, Tim Fleiszer...:smiley:

It's not really a bad thing, now I have a team that i can actually relate to and cheer for in the east(except vs. Edmonton).