Vast improvement compared to previous two games

I know it's not much comfort after a loss, but they actually looked like a football team out there on Saturday. Yeah, there were mistakes, and the secondary is still soft, but they actually made a lot of plays out there last night. The biggest concern after the loss in SK was whether this team was in a downward spiral, and I think it's now safe to say that's not the case. We have inexperienced guys filling roles on O and D, and there will be growing pains, but I see this as a team that can come together and take a run at the playoffs, especially when we get some key starters back from injury, and as some of the replacements get more games under their belts.

I also liked the willingness to run the ball in the first half, and even when Collaros was forced out of the pocket, he looked much more comfortable than he did a week ago.

Does this team need to get better? For sure. Are they getting better? I think they are.

While I'm frustrated by the losses, I also see the team as getting better every week. But there are obvious areas we need to address.

Collaros: moved the ball well at times, made some nice throws into tight windows, threw deep accurately at times...but was completely ineffective for the entire third quarter, especially on first downs. Why?

O-Line: played great, I thought. Collaros had a lot of time to pass, for the most part, and we ran the ball effectively in the first half.

Receivers: excellent production from Saunders, but only decent production from Tasker, Collins and Jones, and virtually no production from Tyms. Why?

RB: Schuermann played well when he was given chances, but wasn't utilized in the run game much in the third quarter. Why?

D: played decently in the first quarter, but it was all downhill after that, primarily due to our ineffective O leaving them on the field too long. They were basically gassed. I think DB Leonard is a great addition, and LB Lynn didn't look out of place, either. But #26 was beat all over the field last night, and has to go.

Kicking: no problems.

Return game: Banks had no lanes to exploit. This needs to change. Our special teams are not good enough right now. We need better field position, and the occasional big play, like in years past.

The good news on the offence is that we found our right tackle (Holmes # 56) and deep receiver in Saunders( #89) . They are keepers. Scheuerman ( #36) ran well and has the burst to the second level. He needs more touches.

Larry Dean ( #11) looked tired in the 2nd half and it appears that Lawrence ( #21) is still hurting . The D spent far too much time on the field. Zac alluded to that in his postgame. Leonard ( #37) and Rogers ( #19) make plays in the D backfield and should help when Kanneh, Em Davis, and Butler return.

I agree with the previous comments regarding special teams and the lack of lanes for Banks. When Speedy was successful in the past, he had veteran Dbs and linebackers blocking for him. The teams have to get better.

Collaros' play looked much better. The rust seems to be falling away. The poor decision to go to Scheuerman just before the end of the half hurt. That momentum swing and points against, may have been the turning point. So now we're on to Edmonton. We're on to Edmonton.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Have to agree with most of the above. That was the best O-Line performance in a long time (forever?). They were able to consistently create a pocket. Zach was sacked for the first time late in the 4th Q with 6 minutes left in the game. I think there was one more sack late on a desperation play.

Zach still doesn't look comfortable but I have to believe this was a confidence booster. The deep h

The D Line was excellent. I thought Ted played well and John Chick was a machine. That guy has a motor.

I agree that the linebackers looked tired and Simoni wasn't himself.

Agree with the above post nice to see positivity around here :smiley:
-oline played really well Holmes fit in nicely

  • nice to see the run game going more running plays for Ross s would like to see him get 12-15 carries a game, liked the shovel pass to Timmins as well
  • was nice to see Zac roll out of the pocket and complete throws looked like the old Zac
  • Castillo has done a great job kicking the football this year.


Secondary needs to get better, they are playing 4 rookies when Davis and A.k get back I think the D might be one of the best in the league.

It sucks being 0-3 but we play a lot of east teams in the 2nd half of the season which will decide if we make the playoffs or not

Here here there , therewas a marked improvement last night on a few fronts , a good point is that we play mostly east teams second part of season ,our only hope ! If we can pull off Thursdays game the season will be saved and all the super negative posters can EAT CROW!

Have to agree that Cats looked much better last night. Came out firing for the first time in ages, and had a good first quarter. Granted, Lulay showed some rust, but Cats looked good on both offence and defence.

Giving up two TDs late 2nd must have been the downer. The 3rd quarter was terrible, but a bit of a rebound in the 4th. No first downs in 3rd and inability to stop Lulay passing attack in the second half absolutely nailed the coffin shut.

Good news was protection for Zach, basically only the one sack when it mattered. Bad news is the frequency of poorly thrown passes. I don't recall one pass where he hit the receiver in stride, and almost always, the receiver is standing stock still, or even coming back for the ball. Even the bomb to Saunders (great play!) barely got to him, and just barely arrived before the DBs. Clearly shows up in lack of YACs, especially compared to BC last night. He still dances in the pocket like a rookie, and seems confused by coverages. Looked like he bails before he needs to, or hangs on to the ball too long? Definitely needs more confidence in play calls.

All in all, my feeling is that progress has been made, although I still feel Kent should be on trial over next 15 games. Has to get the team on track and playing full 60 minutes. This is his make or break year in Hamilton, and needs a big finish or should be gone. Reilly and the Esks will be a big test, and then Mitchell and the Stamps.

I have to agree with this posting..
As much as I hate to see the 0 and 3 start..improving over the last 2 games is very true.
Lets just hope it does not take half the get these guys to gel, as by then the season will be lost. :oops:

I'll agree with "improvement compared to previous two games," but I can't on "Vast." At best, I'd call it half-vast improvement.

Half-vast is better than half-assed :wink:

WOW !!! A positive thread with positives posts!!! :o :o :o Am I on the right forum?? :wink: :smiley:

I agree with pretty much all of the above - the Ticats DID look much better and started getting into a groove especially early in the game. Leonard has impressed, Lyn filled in well for Hill at SAM, Rogers looks pretty good too in the secondary and most of these players are the rookie back ups. They're certainly having to learn on the fly but are going to have valuable experience when the starters return to the lineup. Having only one experienced DB (Stephen) in the secondary to guide them sure hasn't helped but they're figuring some things out. it wouldn't surprise me to see Leonard remain as a starter (this assumes Kanneh, Davis and Butler are all in the lineup).

Palmer - To your point about Zach being out of sync with the receivers - most of them are either new like Saunders, Tyms, or have played sparingly in the past like Jones, Collins. Since this was the first game that Collaros actually had time to find them and toss the ball to them he hasn't had much time to get used to their tendencies and movement on the field in real game situations. As long as he continues to get better protection, one would hope that he feels more comfortable and becomes more accurate with his passes to them. Not sure why he's off with Tasker aside from the fact that Luke is no doubt very well covered since most LBs/DBs know that he is a favourite target (thinking of that missed TD toss to Luke in the end zone last week vs the Riders - 2 DBs practically all over him ).

Holmes sure was a huge improvement over Swindle so here's hoping that he stays in at RT. Fulton (LT) has to be good EVERY week - not just some games although he seemed most out of sync playing his old team last week. I like seeing Zach take off and run on a couple of occasions - once for 3 yds and the other for the full 10. He's capable of doing it but seemed to shy away from it since the knee injury so it's good to see him running for yards again instead of for his life

I'll be at the game on Thursday night (courtesy of the team and viewing the preseason game online through All Access! :smiley: ) so I'm hoping that Kanneh might be ready to start and of course I'd LOVE to see a WIN!

Isn't Moore the Lions' fifth receiver? As in, the DBs did a decent job covering Arceneaux, Ianuzzi, Jeremiah Johnson, and Burnham. What impact would getting just one of our top DBs back have?

I was very happy with #56 Holmes on right tackle with is play. He looked strong and not out of place.

Who says our Oline can't block? They are doing a great job here! :rockin:

Glass half full. :thup:

Glass half full. :thup:
Redblacks were 8-9-1 at season end last year and won the Grey Cup. Gelling at mid season is not a bad deal.

Nice surprise on Offence - Jalen Saunders

Nice surprises on Defence -
Will Hill - we missed him and needed him last game
Richard Leonard - 3 gms, 11 Tkl's, 2 INT's, 1 TD
Wooten - I like his size, he made some plays

Our Secondary will be so much stronger when Kanneh, E. Davis and Butler get added back in