Vanstone reveals Hopson shocker

Rob Vanstone has apparently leaked out the news that after Hopson hired Taman he did not tell him that he made Miller the guy in Charge of everything.

can you imagine? being hired as the GM and then not being told there's someone actually above you, meaning your job means squat???

On previous posts I have blamed management for the team's demise.

Often I targeted Taman. But frankly it would not surprise me to know that there is bad chemistry in management that is filtering down to the team. It shouldn't matter? But it does !

Management decides on there chemistry?-are there defined leaders in the locker room?-are contracts fair or is there abuse??

We look a lot like the Bombers before they got rid of BERRY ! TAMAN ! and....Lyle Bauer, the president.

Do we clean house?? Lets see what Management puts on the field next year...I am curious and who is kept and who is let go and how it all gets handled (which is as important as the player selection). I am guessing under the current structure there will be more surprises and controversies.

i thought that this was fairly well known.

It's a stupid structure. There's a reason no other teams are structure like this way and it's because it does not work. Taman seems to get most of the blame, when in reality likely all he's doing is being the bearer of bad news. He had to tell Marshall that he was fired, even though the decision wasn't his.

This structure has to end this offseason.

I have no problem with a head coach being GM, but Im not a fan of there being a coach with control over a GM.