Vanstone (LeaderPost) predicts 10 wins minimum for Riders

[b]How will the Roughriders fare this season?

Ten victories — minimum.
Jones wins everywhere he goes. He quickly turned around a four-win Eskimos team and will likely be a comparably transformative presence in Saskatchewan. Plus, a watered-down West appears to be devoid of a powerhouse, so the circumstances appear to be conducive to a rapid Roughriders revival. Now, if you will dispense with these simplistic questions, I have a column to finish …

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Yeh I love the guys in Regina.
No one knows for sure, but the key I believe in getting 10 wins at any time, is the ability to "win the close ones" and that usually (barring 'luck') happens when the "talent" works together as a "team".
How quickly that happens is crucial. :cowboy:

Jones is a great coach. If he can turn around the Riders this year and win 10 games that'd be something. It was sad to see him leave Edmonton this year.

You never know. Last year at this time the Riders were predicted to finish second in the West just behind the Stamps.

Who would have predicted last year at this time that Ottawa would end up with 12 wins, and very close to winning the Grey Cup.

Definitely possible. They lost thier share of close games.

But the season is still 3 months away. Everyone is undefeated :slight_smile:

10 Wins ??? Why not ??? It's totally possible and a 10 or 11 win season just might be enough for a 1rst place finish in the West this season.

LOL, funny....No way they win 10 games, can't turn on a dime...even in CFL. Nice fantasy though.

If Durant stays healthy they will be right in the thick of it with the Stamps and my Eskimos.

Have to agree with Mark, it will be tough to turn things around so quickly. It will take time for the new players to gel, as well they will have to learn a completely new system from the totally new coaches. They will be an improved team, but my prediction will be 6-8 wins at most.

Its the CFL. They could win twelve just as easily as they could end up with four wins. They've done a good job but it comes down to Durant's health a lot more than the 700k coach. Weird how that works :wink:

I figure 3 wins 7 losses in their first 10 games, Durant hasn’t played in a long time
Durants last game was the Labour Day Banjo Bowl in WPG on Sept 7 , 2014

(He started game 1 in 2015 but didn’t make it to the first half with a year ending Achilles injury)

..Exactly....Durants health is a BIG concern and if he can't go, the prospect for the riders success in 16' is dismal...I guess the same could be said about other clubs including us but one big difference, there's not much behind Durant if he goes down...One of the reasons I thought the riders would pursue Harris but they chose a different direction...If the rider fans see a repeat of Durant hoping around on one foot again (nightmare for them) their season will be a big UH-OH...never mind winning 10 games.. :roll:

But you can turn on a nickel ... in NFL even. Huge thought I recon, 10-8 season for the Roughriders is money.

Tell that to Ottawa.

Woot, woot :rockin:

New head coaches in Sask, BC, Edmonton and Calgary, it's certainly possible. I don't recall a year where there were so many questions in the West alone.

Pour moi, il est certain que Jones va réussir à remettre cette équipe sur les rails. Ce n'est qu'une question de temps. De là à dire que ça va être dès cette saison, c'est plus hasardeux. Comme bien d'autres l'ont souligné, tout dépendra de la tenue de leurs quarts-arrières. J'espère pour eux que Durant pourra demeurer en santé mais dans mon esprit, les dernières saisons augurent de ce qui pourrait arriver encore cette saison : Durant pourrait ne pas la terminer. Leur saison dépendrait alors de la progression de Smith ou de l'embauche d'un autre quart-arrière plus expérimenté en cours de saison, et alors je ne vois vraiment pas qui se présenterait à ce titre. Ce serait une grosse commande pour un gars comme Smith, qu'on le veuille ou non. J'ai bien aimé ce que j'ai vu de lui l'an dernier, mais la transition vers le football canadien est rarement instantanée.

Turning a team around in a single season is definitely possible in the CFL. Look no further than Hamilton when Austin came in. The Riders actually had a pretty good O last year and were in the top couple rankings in most offensive stats until Glenn went down. The problem was their D, and it is unlikely that Jone's won't have that improved. Still, hard to say until we see every teams roster going into camp. Barring major injuries they should definitely be more competitive than in 2015 though, but that is not saying much.

Pedersen is predicting a first place finish for the Riders...

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.@rodpedersen says #Riders will finish first in West and Kaboom!

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