Vanstone: Banks looks for breakthrough w/ Riders

Stefen Banks is a defensive end with a new beginning.

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Fully agree that Banks should benefit from the 3 guys next to him. Good signing. IMO Leonard's stats are a bit misleading. His 3 sacks came in the 1st 5 games & then he got injured. Neither Robertson nor Leonard had another sack when Lanier went out &, of course, Marino left a hole as well.

I don't know about "bolstering" the receiving corps. Moore is younger than Bane & more accomplished. Brescacin has played more games than Evans but put up less than half the yards. Wieneke, 28, has also played more games than Duke, 29, but 1,000 less yds. Those 3 exchanges account for a total of 93.35 yds/game production for the new guys vs 176.67 yds/game from the ones who left. That's substantial & there is very little difference in age. If Walker can recover his form of 3 seasons ago when he had 32 TD's in 64 games through 2019, then that would maybe swing the difference a bit. But he has had 1 TD in the past 2 years & only was on the same team as Harris for 6 games. So, the "connection" may be a bit exaggerated.

The D should be good but we haven't seen a whole lot of change there with Banks, Micah & Teitz replacing Leonard, Marino & Sankey. Pretty much a wash but they just need to get their mojo back. It looks like a good group. Very likely the Riders go as far as the defence takes them.

Good thoughts, Rob.

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Thanks pantsonfire. Very interesting :face_with_monocle:

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So of courses this wonderful website puts up pictures of him in a Calgary uniform which he hasn't worn for almost 5 years now,

So what uniform was he wearing when he played for Calgary last year?