Hey mods, I know this probably belongs in the 'other league' forum but I just wanted to get it out there that the Vanier is being played today at 1pm. A good chance to see some true Canadian football between two good teams. If you can, you should check it out. The best football game I ever saw on TV was the 2011 Vanier Cup. Future stars are always worth watching and these kids play hard. It's good stuff !


Game to be played in front of 10,000 at THF.
CIS needs to go back to partnering with the CFL and having the game at the same venue as the grey cup the day before, which allows them to play in front of a full house and garnering lots of attention instead of the mess it is now.

For sure, drummer. I'm a fan of the game regardless. I think it was old Shaky Hunt who used to extol the greatness of our college game because there was a national champion crowned, unlike down south. That aside, when the Vanier and CFL linked there was a lot of interest. The lack of TV coverage is a mess. I hope/know it will be a good game !

I'm PVRing the game. Go Mustangs!

Interesting that college football ratings are up in the US according to Seth Wickersham from ESPN while NFL ratings are down. So college football is doing well down there so it seems.

Yes, Go Mustangs, anyone for that matter in the country other than Laval to win the Vanier.

yeah i am tired of Laval winning the Vanier so often.

Don't miss this game, the last five have been memorable.
Sportsnet360 (unscrambled) 12:30 Pre-game 13:00 EST start

I think Western is good for at least 35 points, not sure Laval's offense can keep up with that output. They will need converted turnovers.

Yes, yes and yes!

The Vanier event is bid on separately from the GC from what I understand so getting them in the same city isn't easy...but it's much better for the game.

I attended the 2007 GC in Toronto and the Vanier was held Friday night at the Dome. My guess is that 20-25k fans were in attendance to watch my old team the U of Manitoba beat St. Mary's and then we went to the Cup on was perfect!

I like the Friday night Vanier (in the GC city) as most out of town fans are in the city and looking for a football warm up. The game ends about 9:30 so lots of time to head to the Spirit Room and enjoy the remainder of the evening.

Can't understand why it doesn't happen every year!

I love the Vanier and Grey Cup being attached, saw that here in 2011 and it was awesome!

It baffles me why we can't put together a Canadian championship weekend every year that celebrates all things Canadian Football. The Grey Cup city should host the CFJL championship game Friday night, the Vanier Cup Saturday and the Grey Cup as always on Sunday. I'm sure logistics is a good excuse but I think it's something would entrench quickly and become a strong tradition.

USports-CIS football needs money!!!
Usports football is hugely expensive, travel, equipment, Coaches, trainers stadiums, tuitions, etc, etc...
The City of Hamilton paid money to USports for the rights to host 2 Vanier Cups sponsored by Dofasco

Is TSN going to buck in? Sportsnet has paid for the USports rights!
Is the CFL going to share Grey Cup revenue with Usports? Not likely
CFL doesn't even pay USports money for the players they draft every year which feeds their League.
As far as I know, the CFL contributes nothing, nada, zilch, etc. to the football programs of Usports.

At least when the Vanier Cup was held in Grey Cup cities - lots of tickets got sold. 37,000+ the last time the two games were tied together in Toronto and about 25,000 in Vancouver the year before - compared to less than 5,000 last year in Hamilton. I believe anybody who bought Grey Cup tickets could get Vanier Cup tickets at a great discounted price and thousands did just that in Vancouver and Toronto.

Surely the revenue generated from 25,000 or 37,000 tickets generated more revenue for CIS than what they got out of Hamilton last year with fewer than 5,000 at the game unless the City of Hamilton ponied up an awful lot of money.

But at least today it looks like they may have 12,000 or more at the game. Still not great but way better than last year.

Incredible that Western is so good that they've scored on their first possession every game they played this year - including the opening drive touchdown today.

Western Up 39 -10 . Western is who we thought they were . Happy for Greg Marshall .

Noiticed that sports net went cheap this year with graphics .Last year they had the Yardage marker and paid the rights to use it . Not this year .

Could this be the best team in CIS/U sports history ? Pretty dominant team .

the 3 CFL teams that report their financial statements for us to see, say they all contribute to local football teams. I suspect they all isn't the 50/50 tickets for football? Didn't EE earlier in the year have a very large 50/50 and they publically stated it was for football? That 1 draw was 695 thousand to local football with most money going to Usports

50/50 ticket money is donated by people buying 50/50 tickets not the football team and it is sponsored by Belairdirect who pays the Esk's for the advertising

39-10, beat the #1 ranked Uninversity team in the country, and are a young team, a lot returnees… could be like the Laval program, very tough to beat… but they steamrolled every opponent they played in the playoffs. Congrats to Western and to Greg Marshall, well deserved!

WOW. Congrats Western and Greg Marshall. What defence. What offence too, if not for penalties I think Western has a much higher score. NOW, that was domination !

Gotta wonder when we see the antics of some of the clowns running our CFL teams, why a man like Marshall is not coaching in the CFL. As far as I'm concerned he was not given enough of a chance. There are other guys in the CIS that could coach in our league too.

When Western had Taylor, Joseph and Merchant all out there at the same time, I couldn't help think how Winnipeg had Harris, Flanders and Lefevour baffling the Edm D in the semi. Then they just went away from it and lost. That Alex Taylor reminds me of Andrew Harris and he is also from Winnipeg. HEAR THAT Walters ?

Pretty much went the way I figure it would. Congrats to Coach Marshall and Western U. Hell of a team they got there. That kid Merchant deserves an opportunity to keep working on his trade in the CFL.