Vanier Cup

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Scouts from 6 #CFL teams at #VanierCup: #Riders, #Ticats, #BCLions, #Argos, #Alouettes and #Bombers.

No reps from OTT and Esks I can see, but no CGY?

Third-year kicker Quinn van Gylswyk hit a 20-yard field goal as time expired to give the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds a 26-23 win over the Université de Montréal Carabins in the 2015 Vanier Cup. Question why do they not go back to the Format of having the Game played on the Sat of the host city of the Grey Cup , that brought way more media and fan interest to the game ?!

Because the Vanier Cup gets buried behind the Grey Cup festivities. The Vanier should be a big enough event to stand on its own.

Apparently the problem is the logistics of a lack of Hotel Space and cost of existing rooms in the host Cities for both the CFL fans and the CIS fans plus all the Media.
I would think that both Vancouver and Toronto could handle it, but probably no one else.
The Vanier Cup organizers want there bids received at least 2 years in advance.
So Grey Cup bidding Cities must make a dual Grey Cup and Vanier Cup bid

It was an outstanding entertaining game, played at a very high level, a great showcase for CIS football

I usually do watch the Vanier Cup but unfortunately was unable to do so yesterday as we were out for the day. Sounds like it was a good game - sorry I missed it. Congratulations to the UBC Thunderbirds on their win (and not having that last minute FG blocked as happened to Mac last year :frowning: ) It’s nice to see a team from the West instead of Quebec (or Ontario) take home the hardware.

I only saw parts of the Vanier Cup game, and it was quite entertaining. UBC got off to a great start, and had a 16-0 lead in the 2nd quarter, but Montreal made the game interesting after that. I unfortunately wasn’t able to see the last minutes of the 4th quarter when Quinn van Gylswyk got that game winning FG. So yes, this time, the Montreal Carabins did not block the Vanier Cup winning FG.

Speaking of van Gylswyk, scouts from CFL, and maybe even NFL teams were watching him and some other players closely in this one. Here’s what is being said about van Gylswyk:

Scouts’ take: “Phenomenal. Absolutely he could do all three—kick-offs, punting and field goals—at the next level. This kid is the real deal. Consistency is the key. He can launch the ball.?

“The kid is six-foot-four so he has physics working for him. He’s a very special one. He’s been golden in the playoffs. You want a guy that can give you points when you need them because if you don’t get them that can kill you and he can do that.?

“Quinn’s been garnering some NFL interest.?

Source: … anier-cup/

Another player who will be talked about is 19 year old QB UBC Michael O’Connor. Before he came to UBC, he redshirted at Penn State and there was talk about him being a future NFL QB. And in his first year in the CIS, he led his team to a Vanier Cup win. And it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s not the last Vanier Cup win for him.

Congratulations to O’Connor, van Gylswyk, and the UBC Thunderbirds.