Vanier Cup

I thought Mac had a chance, their offense is so powerful, and playing on artifical turf in a dome played to their strengths. I wasn't expecting Mac's D to completely shut down Laval.

...regardless of the score, this is a entertaining game!!

Laval gets a punt return TD. Mac 23 Laval 7…

Yikes! An interception return for a TD has now made it McMaster 23 Laval 14...

FG Laval. McMaster 23 Laval 17

End of the 3rd quarter. McMaster 23 Laval 17

Arrgggh.... First offensive TD for Laval. Laval 24 McMaster 23.... :x

Mac gets the MO back. TD and 2 point convert.

McMaster 31 Laval 24... :rockin:

If you're not watching this game, it sucks to be you... :lol:

All tied up again.

McMaster 31 Laval 31

2:13 left to play.

here we go.....what a way to end this game....


.....WOW!!! Vanier Cup is going to overtime!


so damn close...

lol at the language.

Mac strikes first with TD.

McMaster 38 Laval 31

Laval scores the TD with a crazy juggling act....

Is this one of the all time most exciting football games or what?!

Laval answers back with a circus TD...

McMaster 38 Laval 38.

Starting to remind me of the '94 Vanier Cup.

haha what the hell!!! What was with all the laterals? This is completely insane.

Mac has it's chance to end this after an interception.

13 men :lol: The Saskatchewan defense...

What a game, great win Mac for their first Vanier!