Vanier Cup

McMaster vs Laval tonight at 9 pm EST.

You mean 18:00 PST? :stuck_out_tongue: Got my tickets for my first Vanier Cup! :smiley:

Does anyone know if it's being streamed anywhere? I'd like to tune in, but I don't have cable and I've spent enough money at the sports bar lately.


TSN I presume?

Marauders are due…hopefully…

I can get by without it for most things. The only exceptions are live sports, but even that can be seen on the internet, with TSN offering free streaming of games for Friday night football and playoffs for example.

I hope it's a good game.


Check out

Great live sports streaming website that I found last week...and since then i've been thinking about getting rid of my cable. They stream TSN, TSN 2, ESPN and pretty much every single game going on all over the world.

And yes....only 2.5 hours to the Vanier Cup. I'm excited. Love my CIS football. Sort of wish it was being held in a CIS town though. (Saskatoon, Kingston, London, Laval, Halifax etc)

Hoping Mac can keep it.close but have my doubts.

I think you said something similar before the Hamilton/Montreal game… :smiley:

Honestly, being in a dome on artifical turf plays right into Mac’s wheelhouse. If this was played in similar conditions as the Eastern Final, then Mac’s chances would be the same as the Cats were.

Mac looked really good on their first drive, and they’re looking real good on this one. It might be early but we might be seeing an upset in the making…

Quinlan just might have made the play of the year.... :thup:

Quinlan is just shredding the Laval defense right now...

TD Mac!

13-0 Mac in the second!

Mac just set a school record for most points in a Vanier Cup... :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone talks about Laval's defense, it looks like Mac has a pretty good D too...

This is threatening to become a blowout for Mac...

Don't think I'm not going to use this against cflisthebest... :lol:

TD Mac again! 20-0 for the underdogs! :lol:

Er...why does Rod Black keep refering to Mac as maroon and grey? Aren't their uniforms maroon and white?

And Laval goes away with nothing... still 20-0 Mac...

Interesting stat. Laval hasn't given up more than 17 points in a game all season. Mac has scored 20 in a half...

Another FG for Mac. 23-0 for the Maroon and WHITE...

Half time. McMaster 23 Laval 0.


Wow, great 1st half by Mac, not expecting that. Not enough poutine for Laval I guess. :o :wink: