Vanier Cup

Tonight at 7:30 PM The Score will feature the Vanier cup.Unfortunately The Hec Crighton winner, Eric Glavic will not be able to start for the East due to injury. Prior to the game, there will be a dicussion on "what ever happened to the Canadian QB in the CFL".This is timely with the QB Glavic know as a great passer in the CIS. Also in the CIS, a kid named Liam Mahoney was named rookie of the year. Evidently he is a double threat as both a runner and passer.In addition there was a young man, the QB of McGill who threw for miles for that Quebec team.
I would really hope that openings in the CFL should be made to give these players opportunities to develop and acquire the experiences to someday have Canadian QB's in the CFL. One of the greatest QBs to ever play in the CFL was Russ Jackson, a McMaster grad. He was the outstanding QB for several years playing for the old Ottawa Roughriders. He was equally gifted with both passing and running skills and was the allstar QB in the east for several years.

I think they should get rid of the 3 designated QB roster spots and make change it to +2 imports and +1 non-import. Then there would be at least an advantage of teams pursuing a Canadian QB because as it is now, teams just don't see the payoff.

re-teams just don't see the payoff.------- what about a bigger fan base???

GMs don't worry about the fan base when drafting guys, they worry about putting together a winning team.