Vanier Cup - Who's going?

Is anyone on here going to the game on Saturday? With Western playing, it should be a great opportunity to get a good crowd at THF. (unlike last year)

The Mustangs have scored over 200 points in their last 3 games. Hopefully they could keep this trend going against Laval.

Personally, I can’t wait to get back to THF for a meaningful game!

ya, going to my first one.

I'm hoping to make it to the game if I can reschedule a work related thing Saturday.

I checked Ticketmaster out and the lower deck of the east side is about sold out now between the ten yard lines and it is slowly but surely getting there on the west side too. They have not opened the Upper Decks for sale.

I did wake up this morning to these parked outside my place - so the Rouge et Or have arrived.

I heard that there are over 10,000 tickets sold.

Too bad there is little or no interest on here...going to be a great game!

Going with a group of about 10. Support the next wave of cfl ers

Well played game. Dominate performance by Western. Best game at TFH this year.

I have to agree! From Western's first drive, it was a great game.

That shows what a running game could do to the defence.

Looked good on the tube. Dominant performance by Western, despite Laval's age and weight advantages. Well done Greg Marshall!

Laval looked slow and gassed which I attribute to Westerns atleticism. Western looked quicker and crisper. Both teams well coached. Great schemes on both sides of the ball by Western. I thought Western may have shot themselves in the foot going for long passes which snuffed out drives in the first quartrr when #7 was wide open each time coming across the middle but they figured it out.

Thought Western looked bigger and bulkier on the lines, and had speed in the RB and FS positions. The rest took care of itself.

(and Harry McMaster had a huge game.... and Laval's receivers did not)

What were McMasters stats? I thought he didn't play as well as he has in the past.
Great game by all though, especially Merchant and Joseph.

If they show the game again, watch Western's centre . He dominated the middle and pulled on sweeps and traps . Laval never seemed to adjust and the Mustangs kept running . The kid should get a good look at the next levels .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

thought #7 was open all game and didn't get thrown to until about half way through the 3rd quarter as well.

Both Western O and D lines(even though it was a 3 man set usually on D) were great. Total team effort against a very good Laval team. Best football game other than the SB that i have seen this year.