Vanier Cup still looking for a home in 2020

This is a sad situation, self inflicted by the University decision makers,
Taking the game away from the same venue as the Grey Cup years ago!

Really sad to see how far this brand has fallen. Didn't have a broadcaster until a few weeks prior with CBC jumping on board.

Seems like 2021 is the earliest, the Grey Cup can be paired up again.

Textbook example of how NOT to treat a sport brand. What has happened to the Vanier Cup is criminal, but sadly was predicted by some of us on here years ago

What do you expect from an organization that thinks the totally unimaginative moniker U Sports, which provides no link to it being Canadian, was a good choice to rebrand.

Just play it in one of the participants cities, whichever of the 2 that has the best record. There will be far more interest in that city than there will be holding it at some neutral site.
It's not like there is some huge, week long festival with the Vanier like there is the Grey Cup

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This is terrible Canada needs to reinvigorate U sports.The NCAA is far more important to football then the NFL, in fact it drives the university.

Hard to sell/plan sponsorship related tickets/events in a week.

Does the Vanier do such things to any significant degree?

To any degree would be financially important to them given the pennies they operate with ... and if they don't then another strike against the USports "braintrust"

No doubt that under ideal situations they would, but considering how they didn't even have a broadcaster till weeks before the event in 2019, I doubt they do.

Maybe having the game in the home city of one of the participants would spark more attention to the game. Not sure how they'd determine which of the teams would get to host, though.

Meh, I'd still like to see them come together somehow to work out a "super-8" tier. That also might help create more interest in USport ball in general.

Not sure what events you are talking about. As I say probably more tickets will be sold if it's in the city of one of the participants

The schedule needs to be adjusted back to the last Sunday of November for the two to be paired up

2022 should be the target.