Vanier Cup predictions

Queens or U Calgary? I'm not that familiar with either but I'm picking U Calgary, from what I saw of some of the game last weekend, they looked very strong.

Just reading tickets are hard to come by in Quebec City even though Laval isn't it it. Apparently organizers didn't leave many tickets for other teams, in fact just one team thinking the Rouge et Or would be in it. Queens is getting like 100 tickets only and people are pissed. Article in the Globe about it. Scalpers will do real fine I'm sure.

i want to say UofC but queens was the team that knocked off the best team in the country remember? that st marys team seemed more intent on trying to hit their old qb Glavic more than playing the game...i wont expect queens to make the same mistakes as the huskies did last week

I like Brannagan over Glavic
Queens had to beat Laval to get this far.
And I’m a Kingston boy.
So I say this is Queens year unless Calgary does something silly…like win.

I was able to make it to the Queens/Laval game last weekend. One of the most exciting games
I’ve ever been to. Hopefully this weekend is just as exciting.

I know there has been a little bit of controversy over the ticket situation.
But I do applaud Laval and their fans for having this game sold out.

I'm torn, I guess I'm going with Queens. Should be a good game.

I'm going with Queen's as well as I think Ontario universities are at a disadvantage over programs in provinces where there are just a few teams therefore easier access to better talent, I think. Queen's should be the underdog.

Great game to watch once TSN got all their techie problems worked out.
Honestly thought Queen's was done at half time. Glavic was picking them apart.
All in all an exciting final. I'm happy. :rockin:

Forgot to tape it and was out yesterday afternoon but saw the highlights this morning on TSN, wow what a super comeback by the Gaels! Nice job there boys.

I got to watch it on the internet and what a game it was. The Gaels played a possessed second half! The crowd was just as incredible as the game. Proud day for CIS Football. :rockin:

The folks in Laval did a great job in putting this one together.
The only thing I was concerned about was going into overtime as
the stadium has no lights.