Vanier Cup , NOV. , 23rd , in Toronto!

It is now true. :thup:

The Vanier Cup will be help at the Rogers Center , Friday , Nov., 23rd , 2012 at 7: 30 PM

My wife and I will be going.

too bad their is no chance that any university team from toronto will be in the big game.

I can’t understand why uoft an york have been so bad for so long!

I am hoping that MAC makes it but I did watch U OF T win it all in a fantastic game 2 decades ago at the R.C.

MAC and LAVAL or Western and Laval should be a huge draw.

One reason why U of T and York aren’t able to recruit well is that other universities have really stepped up their programs and recruiting and it has made it more difficult for U of T and York who at one time I suspect just had a lot of excellent football playing students stay put because not as much incentive to go elsewhere. Now universities like McMaster for example have excellent training facilities and a first rate stadium. Mind you I don’t think York has ever been very successful.

MAC , also has the great QUINLAN , at Q.B.

Hmmm I think I may have to go to this. :rockin:

I got e-mailed today that because I bought tickets for the GC, I will receive the same seats for the Vanier Cup for free. Now this is great because I love CIS football and was planning to go anyway.

My wife and I will be going for sure.