Vanier Cup- McMaster vs U of Montreal

Yes! My son just fell asleep, now I can watch the game in peace! :rockin:

And it did look like Cupido got away with PI to end the Carabins drive.

Not the greatest officiating I've seen.

Alright, 4th quarter. Get it done, Mac.

Jesse just referred to Mac as 'we'... such a homer... :rockin:

I didn't hear that, but I believe that.

Too bad Ferguson threw another INT. But yet another 2 and out by the Montreal offence. And that was the 12th Montreal punt? The Mac D has been that good.

Par for the course for the CIS. People who complain about CFL refs should watch an university game some time. Definitely a step down in quality...

For the record, most punts in a Vanier Cup...

15 Jeronimo Huerta Flores, Laval 2004
15 Tim Wardrop, Queen's 1978
15 Al Chorney, UBC 1978

I don't think I would have wanted to watch that '78 game...

Missed DPIs seem tobe going both ways.

Mac does seem to be playing well. (O course the first time I actually was able to watch them was last week in the Mitchell Bowl :x since I don't live in Hamilton. Tried watching a game on the CIS site but could seem to get anything to come up on the screen. - Sorry for the rant!) It has definitely been a good defensive game and Mac has been pretty successful at shutting down Montreal so far. Carrabins so have the wind and as I type just hauled in a HUGE pass near the goal line and have scored their 2nd TD of the half. Come on Mac!!!

Montreal TD.

The key play was, of course, that deep pass to make it 1st and goal inside the 5 on a very impressive catch by Cibasu.

19-17 Mac. And Montreal has the wind.

Mac needs to get some offense going here. Glad that Moore was able to return too. I've heard him referred to as the "Tank" by the CHML crew. So far so good this drive .

They did gain some ground on that drive and that took some time off the clock. But Montreal starts at their 40 after the punt. The defence can't afford to give up another big play and needs to be about as impressive as it can be.

I agree. Time for a big offensive stop or turnover. :cowboy:
Get 'em Mac - and as I tpe another big play in to Mac territory. They tried the same trick that Mac did earlier for a FD but deep and it failed :smiley: Mac not getting to the QB like they did earlier in the game and he has too much time to make those big plays.

Montreal kept getting FDs that drive, but 3rd down forced at the three minute warning.

Montreal gets its first lead of the game 20-19 after 13 yard FG.

Could Crapigna kick another Vanier Cup winning FG?

Mac is going to have to go three downs the rest of the way until they get into field goal range...

BIG run from Moore...

Moore just put Mac into FG range already?!

1:53 left.

Over a 100 yards rushing from Moore.


1:17 left. 3rd and inches. It looked like they'd go fir it, but take time off the clock and call a timeout.

55 seconds left.

And the kick is blocked.


Are we going to hear about how they should have gone for it?

And then Montreal gambles on 3rd and inches... and they get the FD.

Well, congratulations to the Montreal Carabins.

Wow - gutsy performance by Mac - but what a heartbreaking finish!