Vanier Cup- McMaster vs U of Montreal

Punt against wind, followed by 15 yard no yards call, followed by Montreal getting FDs leads to first Montreal points.

6-3 Mac.

At least Mac D prevented the TD.

Is it true that they thought after the Mac offside call it was first down for them rather than second down?!

Mac TD! Wayne Moore sees the gap and makes a Montreal defender miss for the first TD of the game!

Archambault didn't impress the scouts with that unnecessary facemask call on the 3rd and 1 gamble before that.

13-3 Mac.

Micallef referred to Mac as the underdogs?

50 Yard run for a TD by Wayne Moore. Untouched until he crossed the goal line. Beautiful!

Uh oh. Moore takes a big hit, ball comes loose, Archambault recovers, and Moore is down.

Mac forced a two and out after that turnover, then their offence got a two and out of their own, but recover a fumble after the punt!

Too bad it looks like Moore won't be coming back soon if he comes back at all.

What would have been a 3rd down for Montreal was a first down after UR penalty against Richardson. But then back to back sacks moved them back 15 yards. Cousineau has been sacked five times so far.

At the half:

McMaster 13
Montreal 3

It's good to know that Moore is back.

If you told mac theyd he up 13 3 at half i bet theyd take it. And they receive to start the 2nd half.

They are the underdogs, Montreal should be blowing them out. This team is a pale shadow of the Quinlan years team. Full credit to Stefan Ptaszek for their game preperation, he is easily the best coach in the CIS right now. Would probably make a great CFL coach, but don't tell anyone in the CFL...

LOVE this! So far so good and would't it be a banner weekend in Hamilton if both teams come home with the championships?! :rockin: I can be done! GO MAC!!! GO TICATS!!

BTW I heard that there are 24,000 at this game compared to only 15,000 for the EDSF! :oops: How sad for the Larks! :smiley:

It is good to have the lead at the half. But in the last two Vanier Cups Mac was in, I remember them not being as impressive in the 2nd half as they were in the first half. Hopefully they'll be able to continue to have the lead. And having Moore back should help with that, although I'd like to see the defence keep doing as well as it has. And of course, mistakes and turnovers need to be avoided.

Ferguson may not be as good as Quinlan was, but the Mac defence is quite good. And I haven't heard about Ptaszek going anywhere, so I wouldn't worry about losing him.

Their offence is definately not as good. The defence is just as good if not better. Cupido Shorthill Vestresca are hold overs from those Vanier teams.

Also macs recieving corp is deeeep this yr. and their running backs are better than 2011 and 2012. Pezzetta was the starter in 2011. Pezzetta now when healthy is a beast as is wayne moore, amakwa and davis. Crapigna is a stud too still here from 2011 and 2012.

Just after I posted that turnovers need to be avoided, Mac returner fumbles away the opening kickoff.

And Shortill did not impress scouts by grabbing facemask to keep Montreal drive going, putting them in FG range.

And Montreal gets its first TD.

13-10 Mac.

Nice little trick play as Vandervoort throws it to Brooks for an FD on the drive.

And drive ends with Crapigna attempt from 43 being good.

Mac 16
Montreal 10

Okay, what did I miss? I left to change my son's diaper and Mac was punting, and when I come back they have the ball at midfield and the eventually get a field goal.

Oh, why did I have children? Mac has the ball again?

I wonder what the Vanier Cup record is for most field goals in a game?

Found it…

5 Greg Vavra, Calgary 1983
5 Frank Jagas, Western 1994
5 Christopher Milo, Laval 2010
5 Boris Bede, Laval 2013

Aside from the FG and trick play that I mentioned, there wasn't that much that you missed.

This drive went well, expect iit ended with what looked like should have been PI against a Montreal player then a Ferguson pass hitting the upright.

But Crapigna is now 4/4. 19-10 Mac.

Defitnately was pass interference on that last mac drive