Vanier Cup- McMaster vs U of Montreal

Since the Vanier is today I figured we start a thread on it.

Too bad Pezzetta injured his knee in the semis. He could have been a difference maker. Still looking forward to a good game.

Go Mac GO

I'm interested to watch two LB's ... #41 from the Carabins, Archambault & #1 from the Marauders, Shorthill. Both are very active & very good. Both are probably 1st round draft picks.

The Cats have Mathieu Girard, a Dline draft pick from the Carabin. If you go to the CIS website, it doesn't offer much. Previously you could see the rosters of all the teams in the CIS. Now it appears that the effort just isn't there. It sort of matches the snow clearing efforts at Molson Stadium. I hope this is the last time the Vanier is held in Montreal. The kids from both teams deserve better.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

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Mac's kinda getting the shit end of the stick.

-they had to clear the snow off the field for their own practice during the week instead of grounds crew doing it

-their final walkthrough had 3 massive tents on the field covering the advertisements just painted which made it impossible to run plays

-MTL was required to practice at Molson yesterday but at the last minute practiced indoors at their campus

-in 2012 even though mac was 45 mins away they were required to stay in Toronto beginning on Tuesday at the event hotel, no such requirement for Montreal

  • the awards banquet was a pep rally for MTL.

theres some other interesting tidbits in there as well have a read

Hope Mac cleans their clock. Go Mac and OUA Go!

That is infuriating!! There must be some kind of punishment handed down for that kind unsportsmanlike behaviour. There needs to be consequences. i hope the Mac players give em hell on the field today. GO MAC GO!!!

Scouts for CFL teams will be watching this one closely, that's for sure.

It's unfortunate that Pezzetta can't play. But after he got injured early in the game last week, Wayne Moore did a very good job at RB.

I expect this to be a good close game, but I'm not expecting a lot of points to be scored as both teams have good defences. These two teams are evenly matched. It could go either way. And if Mac got that kind of treatment, then that is just unacceptable. It just makes me want to see Mac win even more.

Ferguson needs to be better. Very erratic. MAC has the receivers. Ferguson needs to make the throws.

Ferguson may not be as good as Quinlan was, but I believe he can get the job done. I recall him depending a lot on Vandervoort last week. But Vandervoort was quite reliable.

I think more fans are at this game at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium than there were for the EDSF game.

Max Cameron reached around a Montreal player's helmet to catch one for the FD! That should be on a highlight reel!

It was a nice drive after Montreal opened with a 2 and out. It ended with Crapigna getting an easy FG.

3-0 Mac.

Already a blown call. Carabins INT, however the player landed out of bounds with both feet right in front of the official.. Still ruled an INT.

This Classic Jersey will be on sale Monday :rockin:

Well, it didn’t make much difference as Montreal still has yet to get a first down. All three of their drives were two and outs.

But Mac needs to add to the lead while they have the wind.

Good field position here. Need to get points to finish out this quarter.

Ferguson throwing the ball well. Carabins playing well off the ball. Far too conservative.

O'Connor should have caught that last one to keep the drive going. But instead they have to settle for another easy FG.

6-0 Mac.

MAC's D playing very well. Outplaying Montreal but only up 6. Need to convert opportunities.

Montreal did actually get two FDs on the last drive, helping them in the field position battle. Aside from that ,yes, the Mac D has been doing quite well.

As for the Mac offence, Lumsden made a good point about how the Montreal D was not expecting the Mac offence to rely on the passing game as much. Cameron has been doing very well as a go-to receiver so far.

HUGE Stop by MAC inside their own 5! Holding MTL to 3 was a BIG win there!

Brain cramp by Maciocia as far as down & distance. Could be costly.