Vanier Cup location

I know that CIS/U-Sports has had the Vanier Cup in the same city as the Grey Cup a few times and it was successful. I’d like to know why they abandoned this to play back in Quebec City? It favors Laval and just doesn’t seem fair to me. Also… I’d love to know of a web stream of the game if anyone knows. I live in the states. I can’t even find a replay of last year’s cup online anywhere.

The Vanier Cup is now bid on to host the Cup. Most money wins!
U-Sports must makr $$$ on iy, Football programs at University level are hugely expensive,
The costs of Coaching, trainers, therapists, Stadiums and field upkeep, travel, accomodation, etc.,

The Vanier Cup is one way to get the much needed $$$

The CFL does very little to provide U-Sports financially, they don’t pay for drafting their players.

Now, if the Grey Cup host city included a set financial agreement to pay U-Sports a large sum of money and including teams travel and accomodations in their bid, U Sports may go for it

Just google “Free stream Sportsnet”

It’s going to be tough, but hopefully my Mustangs find a way to extend their winning streak to 24 games and two Vanier Cups in a row!


I think they have the better team and Laval hasn’t faced a decent offense all season long.

Plus they beat Laval last year. So…

what happened to the CanAm bowl? Vanier Cup Champion against an NCAA team close to the border? We have these contests for every other sport and they jumped into it without knowing the results, Why not Football?

Love the World Juniors Christmas tournament, but if this were on or near me I am watching this. I think its time

U-Sports must makr $$$ on iy, Football programs at University level are hugely expensive,
You got that right Grover and most university football programs in Canada are not all that popular with excellence in attendance so the money has to come from some place to support it.

With locations set in advance there is ALWAYS the possibility that a local/regional team will have a home-field advantage.

Last May, when the 2018 and 2019 Cups were awarded, Vanier was undoubtedly a co-favourite in the Quebec league (with UoM) league but not a guaranteed Vanier Cup participant.

And when it was parked in Toronto how much of an advantage was it for teams within a 3 hour commute (UoT, Waterloo, McMaster, Guelph, Queens, Wilfred Laurier).

Western 19
Laval 30

I’m cheering Western but this a revenge game for Laval and they are at home. Western will have to play their best ever to win.

Agree with you Dan.

I think Laval will come out the winner this year.


Hope you’re keeping well, Tony.

I am Dan, thank you.
Hope you are as well.

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Someone else made mention in another thread about Mustangs QB Merchant being banged up.
A good point. Will be interesting to see how he fares during the week.

Yes you are right. I guess I could have looked it up myself…lol I did, however, find this interesting piece of info. “In February 2013, the CIS terminated the option years on their agreement with MRX opting for an open bid process for the hosting of the game. Laval University, in Quebec City, was the only bidder for the game and won the right to host the 49th Vanier Cup.[13] In May, CIS terminated its agreement with TSN, and entered into a six-year deal with Sportsnet to broadcast its championships, including the Vanier Cup.[14]
The switch in venues, the decoupling of the Vanier Cup from Grey Cup week, and the change in broadcaster, led to a precipitous drop in attendance and viewership. A total of 301,000 viewers watched Laval defeat the Calgary Dinos 25-14 Saturday, November 23, which was a decline of 64 per cent from the previous year.[15] A standing room crowd of 18,543 were on hand at the Telus Stadium which was a decline of 50 per cent from the previous year in Toronto.”

The Vanier on Saturday or even Friday night and the Grey Cup on Sunday with a week full of activities in the same city would make too much sense .

I still remember the great game I think it was Friday night though between Laval and McMaster when they were played at the same site . One of the best games I ever seen at CIS level .

One weekend in the year where football is king in this country and having an extra game to go to including the Grey Cup in one ticket makes the travelers to the game have another day of football entertainment .

Love to see it happen after this agreement is done .

This American agrees. Just wish I could watch.