Vanier Cup In Saskatoon -Incredible

One hopes that this will be the last year that the Vanier Cup game will be held in an inhospitable setting. Playing this game in 20 below weather endangered the lives of the players and the fans including the young children who attended the game.From now on lets insure that the game be scheduled in a part of the country that has warmer weather or played in an enclosed stadium.

Reports from the Vanier Cup state that not one fan was in danger of weather-related injury. Endangering lives? Picked up a little of the drama queen lately have you? Six days prior to the Vanier Cup the GC was played outdoors.....on the prairies.....temps could have been the same.....

Perhaps you are exaggerating just a little bit?
I hardly think anyones lives were in danger.
I'll wager more people suffer serious health concerns from heatstroke at games in the summer, than the number of frostbite cases at the Vanier.

I've been to games in worse weather than the Vanier and it isn't really that big a deal.....

Endangered lives. Gimmie a break.

Endangering lives, that’s funny. Should the Grey Cup only be held indoors then? Guess what you live in Canada, it’s cold here, people dress warm and they survive.

Also the Saskatoon Vanier Cup was one of, if not the most, profitable Vanier Cups in the history of the championship.

Say What??????????????????????????????????
I'm ot an NFL fan but I tuned into the Seattle/Green Bay game just because it was snowing.

What I missed in the Vanier was some of those incredible winds Sask. is known for. I remember one western final where they stopped punting the ball simply because the wind was so strong that it actually blew the ball BACKWARDS! (Anyone remember when that game was and who played in it?)

Adding in the elements adds to the fun- in my rather ancient opinion anyway.

i gotta say thats the weakest thing i have ever heard from a football fan. was it not 2 weeks ago we were saying how much better the GC would be with some nasty weather affecting it. So then it happens at the vanier and life were in danger. wow thats sad, FOOTBALL IS MADE TO BE PLAYED IN ALL WEATHER!

Plus, if the "young children" were at risk..... why did their parents bring them to the game? It's not like they were forced to bring small children to get into the stadium.... and I'm fairly certain they could've gotten rid of their tickets had they chosen to not attend.

...c'mon fellow flatlanders, hassall caught us telling fibs's a well known fact that no parents allow their children out of the pressurized domocile dwelling on the prairies once the temperaures have reached the current levels we have been experiencing lately.....the multi-passenger mobile transport unit must be fully docked and locked before anyone can venture into it.....and lets 'fess up about our clima-suits we need to wear if we should need to inspect the exterior shell of any ground structure for possible micro-meteorite damage....

I remember the grey cup of 91 was in Winnipeg and it was a heck of alot colder than the Vanier Cup in Saskatoon was.
Keep in mind that in Canada and expecially on the prairies kids play hockey outdoors on outdoor rinks with parents and fans watching outdoors.
I would like to see the Vanier Cup played in different cities accross Canada regardless of the weather

This ‘person’ that posted this message, obviously doesn’t work or works inside. Try working on the rigs or being a flag person on the highway or working construction outside. Get outside you bum and enjoy life, football, and the weather no matter what it is…

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