Vanier Cup- Hamilton

Who's going?

Why or why not?

I'll be there, its going to be a great game. Doesnt get better then this..canadian football-outdoors on dec 3.

I wonder how many fans from toronto can handle that.... :lol:

I'm not going

I live 3,563 kilometres away, that's why

I may go

I am not going, even though it is my team that is in it. But i am about 2900 kms away thats why, And I am spending all my money this weekend at the Grey Cup.
But we have decided to have a tailgate party outside our campus pub, and then go in and watch the big screen. I can't wait to see the dogs run all over Laurier.

So it's the Huskies Vs. the Hawks.

Going with Huskies (I love Saskatoon).

Where are they selling T-shirts online?