Vanier Cup Gets Sponsors

I just read that this year's Vanier, hosted in Quebec City, has landed Scotiabank and Levio as title sponsors. And they even got a nifty logo. I'm hoping this is a sign that the USports braintrust will start putting more effort into promoting football.


We can only hope.

I always wanted the Vanier Cup to be played in the same stadium and weekend as the Grey Cup.

Either on Saturday (with the field painted with the two school's logos and then erased later that night for the Grey Cup the next day), or 4 hours before the Grey Cup kickoff on Sunday evening.

I'd be up for watching two games for the price of two.

What this means is, after the USports national semifinals the two winning teams are off for a month (think NCAA bowl season layoff) until their championship game.

And they spelled Levio wrong in their headline. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Vanier Cup is usually played the day before the Grey Cup. I don't think there's any need for a month off.

Did not know that.

If they make the CFL Grey Cup in December permanent the USports guys are going to have almost a month off, right?

The Vanier is usually held around Nov. 20-25th or so. This year, it's Dec 4th. I don't think either Cup's move to December is going to be permanent.

How would that be fair to Laval and Quebec City. Laval is the one of the few Universities that can draw a big crowds for a CIS game. Quebec City would never see a Vanier Cup again if it was played in the same stadium as the Grey Cup.
You could televise the Vanier Cup the same day as the Grey Cup maybe 4 hours before the GC but no need to play the game in the same stadium

They could maybe compromise by pairing directly with the Grey Cup in alternating years. And maybe keep the Vanier in QC when the Cup is in Montreal.


I was hoping the regular season would be lengthened and the Vanier Cup tournament would be pushed back.

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U Sports Football could use a 10-12 game season before the playoffs.

For the Vanier Cup to bigger than what it is, it needs to be paired up with the Grey Cup from time to time.

It has to be a bigger picture than having it in Laval itself.

Strange that it's never too cold for a late November Vanier Cup but at the same time too cold for a Grey Cup in a bigger venue.

Strange indeed.

How do you figure? This year's Mitchell Bowl and Uteck Bowl are on November 27th. And they're usually just a week before the Vanier Cup game.


Truth! When you have tens of thousands of Canadian football enthusiasts in town for the Grey Cup Weekend, presenting them with a championship game to attend the day before the Grey Cup is a natural.

It's tough for me to understand how any person proud to be a Canadian would complain about it being too cold in southern Canada in early December. Try Frobisher Bay/Iqualuit in late January why don'tcha?


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If you can have playoff games in January you can have a Grey Cup in November.

Quebec City gets a CFL franchise and hosts a Grey Cup every now and then. Problem solved :laughing:


Why? this isn't about the CFL, it's about Canadian University sports. If Laval or Western or even St Marys wants to host the Vanier Cup then they should be able to host it and reward their own fans. These are University kids, the should be able to attend game at their own univeristy if they are hosting, it shouldn't be about holding it at a CFL stadium.

They would need a stadium or bring in bleachers though to host it .

Laval has a 12 k stadium which is great the other two not so much .
They have been able to host it .

Western stadium is small 8 k even though it has at least two bleachers and St Marys especially has no proper stadium for such an event .

Most universities have a one stand stadium that don't hold many .

Doesn't matter, why do they need more than 12k? The last Vanier Cup in Montreal had 8,000.
2016 and 2017 at THF in Hamilton, roughly 7,000 fans
Needs to go back to it's roots, they don't need to go to CFL stadiums

They still need a proper venue to be able to host it properly .

That's no way to host a national championship .

The roots were the college bowl in old varsity stadium .