Vanier Cup 2022

Tickets are on sale now. Game is in London this year, November 26.



I really hope they end up with great support no matter who ends up in the final . The week long festival type activity will hopefully create a buzz to non CFL venues to create interest . I hope who ever televises it CBC .... does a good job and makes a buzz leading up to it with coverage to get some good ratings for the Vanier .

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Still find it strange that a College Championship is taking place after the Grey Cup albeit by 6 days.

Having a pairing would actually be beneficial to both events an actual partnership even.


I am all for that and having one week of festivities but maybe this can generate interest as well in non CFL cities .


I would hope that as well.

The Vanier gets a title sponsor:

The next few weeks we're going to get to see the powerhouse teams head to head.

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yes exactly. IMO it’s pretty ridiculous that the games aren’t paired up same day. huge oversight and missed opportunity that was right there for the taking. Ambrosie and the league were sleeping at the wheel again.

Will this game be televised?

CBC maybe :thinking:

Yes, I believe CBC will show it.

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Hopefully it's a competitive game and hopefully they can return to the CFL at some point (with better and streamlined management).


I just noticed today that the Canadian Bowl is being played in Regina this weekend. That really seems crazy that they couldn't have scheduled for a week later to be part of the Grey Cup festival.

They could have but there's a lack of foresight on behalf of the CFL.

The Grey Cup wedged in between two National Finals. Well at least it's back to back to back​:sweat_smile::rofl:

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The CFL doesn't seem to care about U sports .

I was confused :rofl:.

I thought it was in Hamilton for some reason :rofl:

London, Ontario well done

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Looking for some CFL connections to Laval and Saskatchewan.

  • Laval's OL Nicolas Guay was drafted by the Tiger-Cats this spring. Not sure if he's been released or is still their property (edit: was released June 5)

  • Matthew Bertrand is Laval's ST coordinator

  • Saskatchewan's coaching staff includes some CFL alum, including Scott Flory, Warren Muzika, and Duane Dmytryshyn

Now that the CFL season is over looking forward to Vanier Cup. So many good players end up in the CFL. Who are the best prospects from the Canadian universities this year?