Vanier Cup 2021

Thought the Huskies might pull off an upset but the Stangs made the adjustments at halftime and with that huge 3rd down stop in the 2nd half on 3rd and 1, turning point I think.

But what a horrible coverage by CBC sports, there were hardly any replays after major plays, TSN would have done a much better job than this peewee coverage CBC/Rogers provided. Bad. But the CIS wanted to have Rogers Sportsnet with their cool "Blue Jays" thingy that the young people like, they didn't pick Bell for their provider for the Vanier which I'm sure Bell TSN bid on. Showed big time today. Looks bad on the CIS. IMHO. PeeWee coverage, almost embarrassing for the CIS I'd say. :-1:

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Watched the game
Enjoyed the game
I had no probs with the coverage

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I don't think Sportsnet had anything to do with the broadcast. That was all CBC, no?

You're right, they didn't have as many cameras and replays as a TSN crew would have for a CFL game, but I was OK with that.

I enjoyed the pbp and commentary, more than I did for many CFL broadcasts.


I was just looking over the top-20 prospects for next year's draft. Three were playing in the Vanier: Zack Fry OL for Western, Adam Machart RB for Sask, and Noah Zerr OK for Sask.

I also see that former Lion Cory Philpot's sons are both ranked in the top 15. Cory coached the Langley Rams to the Canadian Bowl victory over London earlier today. Should be a nice football year in Philpot household.

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The one colour commentary guy really struggled with speaking clearly and coherently .

Interesting to see Jesse Lumsden on the panel . They actually tried to do something with the game .

I get a kick out of the good old CBC though ; the halftime included a diversity lecture for universities . They just couldn't help themselves by just doing a university football segment .

But next to last weeks cable channel 12 style coverage it was a great improvement .

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Thank goodness the game was good but the CBC/Rogers broadcast was brutally peewee. CIS, give your head a shake. Bad. Tough to watch at times other than I say, it was a good match between these teams, well fought-out match considering the conditions.
jasmine, let's hope it was better than a local TV channel broadcast aka CHCH. That's not asking for much. :rofl: But not even in the same ballpark as TSN CFL broadcast, stating the obvious of obvious to any sentient being.

Great broadcast in my opinion. Had to go to work on Saturday so I missed the second half. Initially you could not hear any play-by-play or even the studio comments.

I was ticked off the ground was frozen. Can't figure out the folks who refuse to move the game to BC Place. I want 60 degree Fahrenheit temperatures for the most important game in the tournament -- Vanier Cup. That means the game MUST be played at BC Place this time of the year. I want to see people in short sleeves and cheerleaders showing lots of skin.

I want to see the players be able to cut on a dime. I/we did NOT get our money's worth with this game being played today because of the frozen ground. I don't want to see some player hit the ground hard on the back of his helmet and get an instant migraine headache and/or worse.

I thoroughly enjoy Canadian college football. Wish I could be in charge of it. USports football is underrated and it doesn't have to be that way.

Finally, I would not mind see USports football moved permanently as a spring sport. No competition whatsoever. Football fans down south WILL be watching.

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Ok, the broadcast was in hi-def, I'll give it that. :slight_smile:

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Canadian and Hawaiian dialect sounds virtually the same. Thought I was watching a Hawaii Rainbow Warriors game.

I'd be up for a getting a 2021 Vanier Cup sweatshirt if the association sells them.

If the CFL has no interest in making a video game, then go after the 27 franchises in USports.


One thing for sure, the talent level is excellent in U Sports football in this country I would say.

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It was a shame that field conditions were not better.

A very easy fix would be to lay plastic pipe 6" under the turf and run a radiant heat system to keep the field free of ice. Easy maintenance and would be good for sidelines as well. They do that at ski hills for the lift areas.


AS with most things stadium-related ... doubt anyone was (or would be) willing to spend the money