Vanier Cup 2021

Nice first half with several lead changes.

Too bad the footing weren't better, but the players seem to be adapting.

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A competetive game so far. 7-3 Western after the first quarter.

Offenses are struggling a bit in the cold.

TD Huskies. Nice drive there. Good to see some passing.

And Mustangs drive for a FG to retake the lead. 10-9 Western.

Ooh, I hope that injury to Machart isn't serious. That'd be a huge blow to the Huskies if he's gone for the game. OK, he's back on the field now. Good to see.

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would have been nice to see a Vanier Cup thread but it is a close game at the half.
Sask lucky to not run out of time before half time before kicking. 1.5 sec is cutting it close

CBC Sports is doing a good job

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OK, made one.

12-10 Huskies at the half.

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Just got back home to catch that nice Huskie drive to finish the first half.

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They have had a few breaks go their way. Tough field.

Mark Lee doing the play by play

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Slippery conditions not such a great crowd with no Quebec rep .

Much better CBC broadcast than whatever that was last week .

OK Stangs, let’s see what you got.

TD! Another lead change!

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As a TiCat fan, it’s cool seeing coach Marshall.

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Western extend their lead, now up 24-14 to start the fourth.

Looks like the Mustangs made better halftime adjustments than did the Huskies. Though Machart's injury may be playing a big role in the Huskies' struggles.

Do the Huskies have another 4th Q comeback in them?

Big run by Wanadi. You can see the comparisons to Jesse Lumsden on that run.


Ooh, that shank kick gives the Huskies some faint hope still.

I don’t think they have enough time for a comeback.

The odds are stacked against them, for sure. But a TD here and an onside kickoff could do it.

I've pointed this out over the past few weeks, but these USports games are reminding me how fast the Canadian game can go without all the extra pauses the CFL puts in.

Odd playcalling. Why not try to just punch it in? Get to that onside kickoff.

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Can the Husks pull it off?

Nope. Good game though.

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Not today, no.

Fun game, though.

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I look forward to seeing how Klassen and Baker do on the Als and Argos respectively.

It'll also be interesting to see where/if Machart and some other players get drafted in 2022.

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