Vanier Cup 2021

Vanier Cup Saturday Dec 4 1300 hrs on CBC.
Does Hamilton have any prospects on either team?

I don't think the Tiger-Cats have any prospects in the game. But there are several picks from other teams on the Huskies.

The Alouettes have Colton Klassen (WR), the Redblacks have Conor Berglof (OL), the Argos have Sam Baker (WR), and the Elks have Nicholas Summach (OL).

Former Ticat Warren Muzika is the defensive coordinator for Saskatchewan.

There are a few players from Hamilton on the Mustangs, including starting QB Evan Hillock.

And of course, their head coach Greg Marshall was the Tiger-Cats HC for a couple of years.

Vanier Cup and no Sportsnet coverage ?

I don’t think Sportsnet is affiliated with them any more. Believe the last one was carried on CBC as well

I was being : sardonic , ironic , satirical , derisive , scornful , contemptuous ,

sarcastic , scoffing , snide , .... . You get the point :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


Adam Machart eligible for 2022 CFL draft looked good against Montreal.

Rugby Sevens on right before it.

He sure did. He's had a nice amateur career, having won a couple of Canadian Bowls with the Hilltops before joining U of S.

Western also has a great running game. Should be a real battle.

Marshall Ferguson on The Waggle podcast’s Eastern Final preview sold me on watching the game. Good job Marsh. :facepunch:t2:

what convinced you? my gut is telling me a Western blow out...

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Sounds like the Huskies are a formidable team. I want to see the Sask offensive line which Marsh raved about.

For what it's worth, Saskatchewan has two OL who have already been drafted by CFL teams.

It's always difficult to predict how inter-conference matchups will go, but I'd be fairly surprised to see either team blowout the other.

Decent game today. Turning point may have been a third down gamble by The Huskies that came up a little short. Western scored a quick TD after the stop. Throw in a missed FG and Convert and there’s the difference. Western the better team on the day tho

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Western was the better team and showed why in the last 20 minutes

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