vanier Cuo 2014

Montreal Als will out the freshly renowed McGill stadium to good use hosting the Vanier Cup.
TD Place In Ottawa will have the return of cross town rivals Carleton and Ottawa playing at TD place.
Next season with the new intimate stadiums with all the modern amenities seeing the Vanier Cup In Hamilton at THF or in Ottawa at TD place.

Other than Toronto at the moment, there are really excellent football first stadiums in the East that hasn't been the case for a quite a while.

Absolutely. The three being TD Place Ottawa, THF Hamilton, and McGill Montreal would seem to be of a great size capacity to shoot for. Plus all three have all of the modern amenities to make it a special event. Suites, Club boxes, other types of premium seating.
All three are spread out very nicely across southern Ontario to Montreal. Making travel for those in the east convieniant via train, driving, or bus.
It kind of leaves the West and Prairies out but with about 20 teams in the Q and OUA compared to 6 in CanWest and 4 in the Maritimes likely building enabling many more fans convience to go whether their team is playing or not.
Plus flights into GTA and Montreal are a lot more common keeping costs down.
Winnipeg also would be a possible destination but wondering how attendance would be affected.
both owners in Hamilton and Ottawa would be very interested in hosting as well.

Whats a Vanier Cuo? :cowboy:

I think it must have something to do with the apparently gay stadium the Als play in - since the first post says the "Als will out the freshly renowed McGill stadium". :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew McGill Stadium was gay. (not that there's anything wrong with that)