Looks like his days in T.O 'could' be numbered as they have just announced the signing of a good one in Justin Medlock....
I don't know if he has any up-side left....he didn't impress me all that much last year...but he is a very experienced kicker???????Is he worth a look IF T.O. cuts him... :roll: :roll:

Serna is an improving field goal kicker. The Bombers just need a punter.

Vanderjerk would want too much money from Kelly, and he is too inconsistent now anyway, both field goal and punting-wise.

If he's done in TO, he would probably retire and there is no amount of CFL money that could convince him. It took Pinball two years to convince him to play in his hometown...

I hope he doesn't retire. There's got to be a way to keep him in the kicking game so we can keep hearing that Peyton soundbyte "...idiot kicker..."

...Do we dare have a good look....or is this guy in Kellys vision at all and does he fit the category A-hole light....Just released from the Argos today....hmmmmmmm :roll:

Vanderjact over Serna any day of the week. Serna has proven to be inconsistant and may not survive camp any way.

He's done.

Serna for you guys is DONE. But Vanderjagt quit football altogether so he's out too. Your best bet is to root around for some undrafted NFL kickers.

Or bring Troy Westwood back! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This guy will never come to the peg... might as well just give up on that dream.

Serna's still a kid, why would he be done ? Odds are the Bombers will have to go with either an import PK or P, Serna could win the PK job, or both, based on what we have coming to camp.

as was said before, he’s done, Bombers should be shopping for some unsigned kickers from the NFL, you can’t pick from the ground, go to the tree! :wink: