Vanderjagt can stay in the USA

Mike thinks he's too good for the CFL, yet he can't keep a job in the NFL!

doesn't even give a thought to playing with Winnipeg.. cause he's not ready to give up his chances of playing for another NFL Team.


the loser can stay in the USA for all I care, if he thinks he's too good to play in the CFL yet can't get a job in the NFL, good riddance!

ps, don't forget to give up your Canadian citizenship as well, since you love it down there so much!

Has it occured to you that at 37 years of age, he just isn't interested in picked his life up and playing for $60,000 a year?

I dont get this thread. Wouldnt anyone exhaust all options that would net them hella more money in whatever career they have chosen before taking a pay cut? I guess he should have known that he must appease the forum lurkers before his family (assuming he has one).

No one is going to pick him up this year.. he's full of himself.

the guy figures that he'd rather sit around and do nothing, make no money playing no football, then come play in Winnipeg for 3 or 4 games and make some cash!!

he is so high on himself with his NFL performance that he doesn't think he has to lower himself to play in the CFL.

Which of these don't you get?
He doesn't need the money.
He is 37 years old.
It likely would cost him more than he would make to move up to Canada to play for 2 games.

Did he sleep with your wife, or what?

no.. he must not be interested in the game too much then..

and he wouldn't have to move anywhere. just go up and stay in a hotel for the time being (which i'm sure if paid for) until the season ends then he can go home.

So it is the fact he is 37 years old that you don’t quite understand?
I hear Dave Cutler and Dave Ridgeway don’t want to play 2 games for the Bombers either.
I guess they don’t care about the game either…?

I’m guessing that if someone in the NFL wants to give him a million dollars to play, he might think about it.
But the 6000-10000 dollars he might make for the remainder of the season with the Bombers won’t do much more than cover his costs…

I don’t even know why I bothered posting on this thread, it is so silly…

Anyway I think rosters should be locked as of Thanksgiving weekend. Tell me of another pro league with a salary system where you can bring guys in around playoff time.


you can sign free agents in the NHL.. and have them play.

Doesn't Vanderjagt still live in Oakville?

besides.. Football is unlike any other sport.

what do you do if you are in the 1st rd of the playoffs in CFL or NFL and your kicker gets hurt?

go the rest of the way without one?? yea right

you go find one!

He got a 2.5 million $ bonus to sign with the Cowboys last year. He has no need for the cash. If he gets signed with an NFL team, he makes tons more money. If not, he can retire wealthy. Why come to Canada and risk looking lousy? I wouldn't do it either if I was him.

Im pretty sure he got some nice $$$ from Dallas as a bonus...

Who's Vanderjagt, and why is he a big deal?

Vanderjagt's infamy stems from a miss vs the Steelers with 18 seconds left in the 2005 playoffs, which ended the Colts' season.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I still curse him for that...

He could have very well been one of the greatest kickers of all time if he had made that kick. Instead he will only be remembered for The Miss, and not for the stellar performances of previous years.

Another Ray Finkle.

I dont blame vandy, the guy has millions in the bank, living in florida, banging a hot wife, why would he leave that to kick in freezing cold winnipeg and play with some injury-prone QB, a anti-social loner head coach, and some ponytail midget kicker.