Vanderjagt back to the Argos- Prefontaine to the Eskimos

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The most accurate kicker in the history of the National Football League appears to be headed back to the CFL.

According to sources, the Toronto Argonauts are expected to announce the return of Mike Vanderjagt to handle their kicking duties.

To clear room, the club has reportedly dealt Noel Prefontaine to the Edmonton Eskimos in a deal that will be completed pending a physical.

In 2007, Prefontaine recorded 124 points and was 26 for 39 on field goal attempts.

Does this mean O'Mahony is gonna be cut on Monday? :lol:

i guess.
instant boost to the eskies.

HA! Danny M's now traded for 3 kickers this offseason.

The Argos would have been better keeping Noel and trading Mike, though.

i woulda agreed, but pres been missin 'gimmes' since the '05 east final, and had that concussion plague him all last year.....

i fear pre may not have alot left. ( 1 - 2 seasons at best )

Perhaps, although Vanderjagkgkgkgkgk's no spring chicken, he hasn't punted in 10 years, and didn't exactly shine in Dallas.

As an Argo fan, this is a horrible trade.
Giving up on Pre for Vandy is a joke.
I can't believe it.

I changed my mind from what I said in ticat forum. Even with last yr being Mikes worse, still notably better than Noels last two yrs.

I think maybe Mike is the best gamble, depending on if he still has the heart for it, specially back in the CFL. In fact, I think maybe the NFL might have written him off too soon, or he wrote the NFL off too soon.

OTOH Kinda wonder what it is about MIke we dont know yet??

Maybe it comes down to health and attitude between these two, but all things being equal, I gotta go with Mike

What are the odds we gave up a draft pick... again.

well, if the argos are trying to stay under the cap, they prolly asked for a draft

I said this in the Ticat forum too…

If a player has the letters ‘N.F.L.’ on their resume, the Argos will salivate and jump hoops and through fire to sign them. Doesn’t matter who it was. If, let’s say, Terry Bradshaw or Roger Staubach came out of retirement and wanted to play football again, the Argos would sign him instantly. Even releasing KJ in the meantime. And why?? Because he has ‘NFL’ on his resume.

In this case, Pre is the much better kicker. But Vandy was in the NFL. That trumps everything in the Big Smoke.

How do you figure?

How do I figure what? That Pre's the better kicker? Or that being in the NFL trumps everything in T.O.?

That Pre's the better kicker

Glad to hear that Noel Prefontaine will be out west.
He always punts us back to our 20 yard line.

pres really really good, but i dont see how hes better than vanderjagt.
id say hes slightly less than or equal too.

Placekicking, okay.


someone on the ticat forum said vander averaged 44 yards/punt while in the CFL, which was tops in the league.

which means he CAN do both.

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The Argos are about to rekindle a relationship with an old flame.

A trade that would send kicker/punter Noel Prefontaine to the Edmonton Eskimos, reportedly for a 2009 first-round pick, was "95% done" last night, an Argos source said. The deal opens the door for the return of Mike Vanderjagt to the Argos, provided he passes a physical.

It was reported last night that Vanderjagt already had re-signed with the CFL club, but there was no official announcement from the team.

Vanderjagt, a 38-year-old native of Oakville, played a significant role with the Argos for Grey Cup wins in 1996 and 1997, making good on all nine of his field-goal attempts. He left the Argos following the '97 Cup victory to sign with the Indianapolis Colts, staying with the NFL team until 2006, when he signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Vanderjagt did not play last season after spending one year with the Cowboys.

Prefontaine, 34, has been with the Argos since 1998 and had a topsy-turvy 2007 season. He suffered concussion problems and hit on 66.7% (26 of 39) field-goal attempts, his lowest success rate in his career. There were rumours late in the season that the Argos were interested in bringing Vanderjagt in, but instead, Steve Christie was in uniform for one game.

Once Prefontaine passes a physical with the Eskimos, the trade will become official.

Vanderjagt's NFL career was equal parts success and controversy. He hit on 217 of 248 field-goal attempts in his eight seasons with the Colts, but often met failure in the clutch.

After the 2002 season, he made disparaging remarks about quarterback Peyton Manning and coach Tony Dungy during an interview with The Score, and not long after, Manning referred to Vanderjagt as the Colts' "idiot kicker."

In 2003, Vanderjagt became the first kicker in NFL history to make every field goal and point after he attempted, including the playoffs.

Even after a day to reflect, it's still a bad trade.
Pre is the better punter, although Vandy I guess is the better FG kicker.
As for the age, Vandy is what 4 years older.
Advantage Esks and all they gave up was a 1st round pick in 09.