Vanderjagt back in the cfl with Hamilton?

Seem Dallas may Cut him after the season.
Maybe the Ticats should Go After him

iback in Toronto serving as the regular placekicker and punter. He led the CFL in yardage per punt in 1997, and the Argos won the Grey Cup in both 1996 and 1997.

n his first season with the Cowboys, Vanderjagt had a dismal preseason. He suffered a groin injury that kept him out of action for two weeks. He returned in the final preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. In that game, he missed two field goals in overtime of 32 and 33 yards (both misses were wide right), forcing the game to end in a tie. Rumors quickly spread that Vanderjagt would be released by the Cowboys before the regular season began. However, he remained with the team. He did not play in the first game of the season against Jacksonville, but has appeared in each of the Cowboys' subsequent games through Week 9, where his potential game-winning field goal was blocked by the Washington Redskins as time expired. In Week 11, he missed his two and only attempts, making it the first time since 2001 since he had done so. The fans were so upset, they booed a commercial he appeared in on stadium monitor

I think Dallas will cut him at seasons end

Conceited. Don't need his personality in the dressing room.

Trust me he not that way at all
have you ever met Mike ?
He dose a lot Charity in Oakvile Burlington area in the offseason.

He did do the Charity Hockey game with Field Goals on the ICE. Fell on his butt.

I think He'd be a Huge Upgrade Over Jamie..

anyone would be.

He’ll be 37 next season and that leg’s done a lot of kicking. I wonder how much he’s got left. After all, a 45 yarder in the NFL is the same as a 45 yarder up here. And would he work for CFL wages especially under the new cap? Two-job kickers will be more important with the cap and with Vanderjagt you’d still need a punter.

An Argo fan

He Did Punt for Argos..when we was there kicker.

Ha ha.

He's in the Forbidden Website's Hall of Fame (2003) I think. What a loser.

Once an Argo, always an argo...shame on him and a long list of others.

CH Just Reported Mike was just Cut from Dallas.
Time to make a Phone calll Ticats...

I heard the news on the Fan. What are the chances that another NFL team will pick up his contract before too long ? According to the CNN sports site he received a hefty signing bonus from the Cowboys and Parcells was not crazy about him because he didn't want to do kickoffs.

I think he get a look but will be considered Damaged Goods by the NFL Teams

He made a ton of money ..
So Playing for CFL would be an Option now.

If Vanderjerk's leg is still in shape, I'd take him in a heartbeat, cocky attitude and all.

lui could do it well into his 40s.... being him in if he can get the job down.

i'll take a headcase that can kick over a niceguy that can't anyday.

I agree with ty-pex.....all depends on whether his groin injury heals. What is he now...37? Maybe good for two or three more seasons.

It has nothing to do with his leg anymore...its all in his head...he still has all the ability in the world to hit the long ones but for some reason in his head he thinks he can't make it, if any team wants to take a gamble on him go ahead...just dont go pouring out the cash for him unless he can prove that he still has it...I don't even think there are any NFL teams looking for a kicker now, and don't know why anyone would want a 37 year old kicker that has been as inconsistent as him over the past couple years, CFL might be the place to go if he will take a MASSIVE paycut, and can fix his mechanics

This was nothing more than a personality conflict and a salary dump...IMO. He will be signed by another team before the end of the week, and come back to bite Parcells in the butt. The guy didn't forget how to kick!

A couple of years ago Vanderjagt was interviewed on the FAN590. At that time, he said he wouldn't rule out playing in the CFL for his last year or two. Assuming he hasn't changed his mind, I guess it is possible that he'd kick in the CFL for someone--most likely for Hamilton, it being so close to home.

You'd still need a punter though even though he did both jobs when he was an Argo. At 37, I don't think he'd want to risk his leg doing both kicking jobs which are so different mechanically.

If he's healthy, I'd love to see the guy play in the CFL.

An Argo fan

We do have Pat Fleming.

8) Forget about this guy !! All the media reports were that he consistently showed up late for practice 2 or 3 times a week, and always had some lame excuse such as, he had a flat tire, his alarm clock didn't work, he got stuck in heavy traffic, etc. etc. ect. We don't need any more problems like him here, that is for sure !!!!! Indeed, he wore out his welcome in Dallas very quickly with his antics !!!!!