Vancouver Whitecaps: the soccer equivalent of "Fake News?"

Some guy has taken the time to do an audit of all the MLS teams to determine activity of alleged Twitter followers, and has determined that only a combined 27% of Vancouver Whitecaps followers are real (not sure of all the metrics but I think it has to do with things like re-tweets etc). Seems the club has been fudging its numbers - in a big way!

Here is a link to the site:

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Who cares, no one watches soccer here anyways. This shouldn't be on this web anyhow.

Trashing MLS is relevant for CFL fans because much of the media in Canada's 3 largest cities are convinced the MLS has more fans, more support and are ahead of CFL teams. Media coverage in major centres also favours MLS teams, especially in Toronto.

But when you look at the stats, the Whitecaps and TFC trail the CFL by a sizeable margin (I'm not familiar the Mtl soccer team).

A Vancouver Sun survey published during Super Bowl week in 2014 showed the Lions had twice as many hardcore fans as the Whitecaps or Seahawks. Among casual fans those teams' fan support came closer but the Lions were still on top across B.C. (the Whitecaps have surprisingly few fans outside of Greater Vancouver.)

It was reported the Whitecaps averaged 62,000 viewers on TSN last season (reg. season games) with TFC drawing 45,000. The Lions and Argos average 10X as many viewers on TSN.

So should the Lions and Argos get more media coverage than the local MLS team? Yes, but it's not happening when most sports reporters and editors in major centres are convinced the MLS is "bigger" and more popular.

These same sports reporters and editors, without exception, are infatuated with the NFL and are convinced the NFL is way more popular than the CFL.

But recent surveys have shown the CFL is more popular than the NFL in Canada. More Canadians follow the CFL than the NFL in any survey ever published. And it's not just old guys either. Among the 18-34 demographic the number who follow the CFL and NFL are within 2 to 3 percentage points. So the pet media theory that young Canadians adore the NFL but shun the CFL just isn't true. The facts are neither football league is that popular among young Canadians.

It was reported that 50% of NFL fans mainly follow that league due to gambling and office pools. Fantasy leagues make up another large chunk of NFL fans. The actual play-by-play is much less enthralling for these NFL "fans".

This is the exact opposite of CFL fans who mainly watch the games because they are exciting and intriguing. Gambling and Fantasy draw a far smaller percentage of fans in the CFL than the NFL.

While general MLS (or NFL) news should be posted in the "other" section, posting on the main forum is relevant when it pertains to fan and media support, which effects the CFL's position in the media ranking.

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