Good Morning, Ti-Cat fans and fans of the CFL

Later today the B.C. Lions will be holding a news conference to announce that the city of Vancouver will be hosting the 99th Grey Cup championship game in 2011.

The next three Grey cups out west I dont get it! The east isnt that bad?

The next time that the Grey Cup game will be played in the East will be 2012 when Toronto hosts the (100th Grey Cup)

I believe we could see 4 in a row out west if Regina gets that new stadium. That's a big "if" though. At least that's what the powers that be are pushing for out here. I think the riders 100th is coming up soon too.

We shouldn't complain about three in a row out west. We had three in a row here before.

Ottawa would be great!

Is that new fancy roof going to be ready by then, I think they're starting this right after the Olympics if I remember correctly?

I can see the 100th Grey Cup being played in Toronto. To me it only makes sense. Your biggest market to showcase the biggest game for a milestone Grey Cup.

2016 Hamilton will host a Grey Cup!!!!

2010 - Calgary
2011 - BC
2012 - Toronto
2013 - SSK
2014 - Winnipeg
2015 - Edmonton
2016 - Hamilton

Congrats to the Lions and David Braley on hosting the Grey Cup. They'll do a great job.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :smiley:

365 million dollars in renovations to BC Place will be done by the time the Grey Cup game arrives. I attended the game in 2005 the city put on a great party I just hope the Ti-Cats are ready to win another cup in Vancouver.

The last two Cup wins by the Tabbies were both in BC Place. (For Grey Cups anyway, it seems that it's our Cats' home away from home).

Well mike, it's like they say about PGA major touraments, at the end of it all it's not where or what tournaments did you win your majors at, it's about how many majors did you win. :wink:

2009 - Calgary - Confirmed
2010 - Edmonton - Confirmed
2011 - British Columbia - Confirmed
2012 - Toronto - Unconfirmed
2013 - Winnipeg/ Sask - Unconfirmed
2014 - Ottawa - Conditional
2015 - ????????

Glad to see the cup is coming back here to BC so soon. I hope my Ti-Cats are playing in it!

2015 - Hamilton

Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal just had the Grey Cup. Why wouldn't it go West for 3 years?

The econonmy is more stable out west, considering the tough economic times and the future being unknown.
This lines up the Grey Cup to be in the east for the 100th Grey Cup, possibly Toronto or Montreal.

Looking forward to going to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for the Grey Cups :rockin:

The possibility does exist for a Toronto/Hamilton 100th Grey Cup with both cities sharing events.
Another idea is having the Vanier Cup in Hamilton on the Saturday,
Make it a football weekend like Toronto did for the 95th Grey Cup.

I think this is a great idea. The 2 oldest CFL teams sharing the hosting of the 100th Grey Cup. It almost sounds poetic.

They are also the 2 teams with the most Grey Cup wins.