Vancouver The Province Newspaper Game review

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Boy, that's the first time I've ever seen the word 'pussy' used in that context in a newspaper headline.
Also the first time in print I've seen the Cats compared to a Russian novel. A bit refreshing compared to the usual Balsam Avenue Bengal Bunker fare.

There are a number comments made in that article that are worth repeating,

the affair lost all pretense of suspense and took on the dreary predictability of a Russian novel which, come to think of it, is the way most games involving the Ticats have played out over the last seven years.
The once-proud Tabbies have become the CFL's joke franchise
Once, in the last seven years, they've gone over .500
It was almost funny for a while.

Now it's just sad

Printers' stint as the franchise's messiah now appears to be over after some 20 games
Jarious Jackson came on for Pierce and moved the team the length of the field while going five-for-six.

It looked like he was throwing against air. Then Zac Champion came in and threw his first-ever CFL touchdown pass. If the Lions stopped there, it's because they didn't dress a fourth quarterback.

On his CHCH-TV sportscast this evening, Bubba O'Neil quoted portions of the Vancouver Province article today by Ed Willes that has already been posted here by jlshooter.

That article is exactly on the now what?