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Just as long as it's date would be close to the NFL season...cause media from Vancouver n Toronto won't notice this game redandwhite, if it's not close to the NFL

Hockey is first and formost in Vancouver, and a Lions loss surely wouldn't generate much interests as opposed to a Lions win. You can check the Vancouver Sun the day after a Lions victory and see which page the article is on.

Well it had to be done!

I don't know Red, it sounds to me and of course without seeing, how the VSun still has more CFL coverage then our local clowns.

Well the Vancouver media is flakey! If you win you get top billing you lose and well they do not like to report it!

the westren coast, their, that's a fair compromise, I win.

dude, the NFL season is ON right now, and this is what the media does to the league, so how in the world do you think the media would pay attension to the CFL if they did that?

did you take your pills before, or after this statement, becase you were good up untill that post, if it's the pills, lay off them or reduce the dose mate!

acturally, RW, the CFL did do that at one point and got rid of it, it was called the All Star game! :lol:

Complaining about it here does absolutely nothing.

Some of us here are trying to change that by actually doing something about it! :thup:

See the thread : " the CFL HYPE MACHINE..." :thup: