Vancouver Sun Sports Section

I live in Ontario, but I was perusing the Vancouver Sun sports section this morning (Monday), for news on the BC Lions game yesterday. I was interested to see their take on Wally Buono's controversial call in OT.

So I go to the sports section of the Sun, and I see nothing on the CFL until page E6? Behind the Ryder Cup, the NFL, and baseball? What is up with that?

My question to somebody out west is this how they treat the CFL out in Vancouver? I thought the Hogtown media was full of wannabees? Is it that bad out west?

....please don't generalize 'the west'.....Calgary's win over TO got front page pics and led the sports section of the sunday paper for a couple of pages....then the Ryder cup, NFL and baseball followed....

The Vancouver Sun has terrible Sports coverage for the CFL. The Province is ten times better.

Remember, it's The Sun, Paul Godfrey's outfit at one time. I'm sure he still controls things at that paper to be quite honest, wouldn't surprise me at all. They hate the CFL.

Actually Earl, both Vancouver papers are owned by Pacific Press. I can't say for sure who actually owns them, but I think they are tied to Global some how.

hahahah, we dont have CFL coverage out here other than TSN and ( and the respective cfl websites.. ) ... and of course 1 radio station that covers the lions... ( thank jebus for the webcasts of CKRM 8)

your not 'THE WEST'... your just west of 5 other teams... plus its calgary we all know they have great coverage of the stamps in the calgary sun

Edmonton Newspapers have lots of coverage, both of them.. Calgary too.. Regina is pretty good! Saskatoon even has lots!

Vancouver, isn't much different than the Toronto papers... they don't do much

The Leader Post has excellent coverage of the Riders. After every game usually the first 3 pages of the sports section has something about the team, including the entire front page. As for the 'Sunday Sun' here in Regina, I don't read it....its crap.

...geez, when I woke up this morning I could have sworn I was in the west....where do you think Calgary and Edmonton are then? Central Canada? guys are 'The Coast', we're 'The West' here pardner......

Problem the CFL has is it hasn't got many fans in the media. Like the NBA and baseball have for example. So we get more baseball and NBA in our papers and on the sports news then interest dictates.

Meanwhile the cFL, despite its popularity, gets shoved to the backpages. Because most newspaper sports editors do not like the CFL for some reason. The tiny minority overrules the majority. That has to change.

And somebody mentioned Paul Godfrey? Is there a bigger moron is Canadian sports than this guy? He was quoted awhile back saying the Jays will break even this year.

Then Rogers comes out last week and says the team will lose 20 million. Yeah. You can really believe anything Paul Godfrey says.

If you want the Toronto or Vancouver Media to like the CFL, then you have a schedule that makes sense. The CFL is shoved to the backpages because if you make the schedule as a disorganized mess, then the Media in a large Canadian city is not going to care about the CFL. You cannot continue to make schedule from a garbage bin and expect the Media in these large cities to put it in the front pages.

Paul Godfrey thinks the population of Canada with more than 30 million people is important to the American television executives and advertisers and he does not care about American television contracts.

Paul Godfrey should learn that a Toronto team in Major League Baseball is a waste of time and effort for United States Television and advertisers.

Correction: Paul Godfrey should learn that a Toronto team in MLB is waste of time and effort for American Television Executives and advertisers. A NFL team from Toronto would probably create large losses and therefore, Toronto should not have a NFL team.

....hmmm, that was pretty take your meds yet today?......

Lived in BC for ten years before moving back to Mnnitoba. The Cfl was non existant there as far as I could tell. BC Place was the worst place to watch football ever with piped in noise and disinterested unknowable fans. Vancouver seemed to have the same disease as Toronto///we are too good for the Cfl.

I just e-mailed the vancouver sun.

By reducing the number of games by the CFL, maybe the Toronto and Vancouver Media would be interested in the CFL. For example in 2007, if the league still has eight teams, then we should start with two preseason games in the month of August. The CFL could play fourteen games from Thursday August 16 to November 18, 2007.
On November 25, 2007 play the Grey Cup game in Toronto. By playing a shorter season, may be the Media from Toronto and Vancouver would notice the CFL because it is closer to the NFL season.

Oh for crissakes.....shut up already.....

Less games make the media more interested.

We have a new winner in the dumbest statement ever!

....maybe we should just do away with the regular season entirely and have just one game sudden death playoffs...all held on a single sunday.....there would be a lottery to see who plays #1 starts at 3am and eighteen hours later the Grey Cup would be games in a row.....and tickets would cost avg. $248 plus tax for this single one-time event.....then the media would froth at the mouth to cover this, whatcha think?!.....

Funny how this guy posts the same thing over and over and over trying to convince us that "less" is better!