Vancouver sports FANS?

We have the best team in the CFl. We have exciting players all over the field and play exciting football.

We are drawing 25,000 fans. We are in first place. We won the Grey Cup----

The problem I see is what happens when BC starts to struggle? How many fans would we draw then?

Not sure what all the hype is around town with the CANUCKS considering they have WON NOTHING and the LIons seem to win the GREY Cup about once every 4 to 5 years. I cannot understand this?

Perhaps its the high percentage of immigrants in Vancouver who will not have an interest in football? Not sure what is its, but its UNACCEPTABLE and eventually when all the older fans stop going, we will FOLD--

The thing that annoys me the most is the sheer STUPIDITY of local people here. I have spoken to many people around 25 to 35 years of age and invited them to go to the LIONS games. The following things were said by these people- CFL is a joke, give me 1 month to train and I can make any CFL team? Another guy said CFL is a SEMI PRO league- Another guy said NFL is the only football that matters and that CFL is not a PRO league--

However the stupidity of these fans and general disinterest for CFl football here is an issue--

I can see from the attitude here, that CFL is becoming an afterthought, no one cares about the team, despite we have the best QB in the league and numerous standouts like HARRIS and Bruce, and Mitchell on defense.

If we can only draw 25,000k fans when we are clearly the best team in the CFL, we are in big trouble because it shows the fans here do not support or want a CFL team here-- IF the LIons moved to another canadian city I can assure you that they would draw well over 30k per game - EX OTTAWA-- IF Ottawa had this team there, they would be SOLD out every game or in HALIFAX also SOLD OUT EVERY GAME--

What can the Lions do to get the CITY's fans to WAKE up and use their BRAINS to support the ONLY REAL CHAMPIONSHIP team in our city, the BC LIONS, not the mickey Mouse yoga pant starbuck drinking CANUCKS.

I am a Canucks fan but I can agree with what you're saying. It is really annoying to live in a city that seems so apathetic toward a team that has so much pride in representing BC and brings championships to the province and a lot of sports fans are very ignorant toward it. In terms of Canadian Football as a sport, the CFL is the major league of Canadian Football.. its a totally different brand of football. If not for the major television contracts the NFL has in the States it would be in the same boat as the CFL. We're fortunate that TSN puts the effort into aiding in growing the CFL in Canada as it does, but at the same time I think that more can be done. Having this great team and being a big supporter of the Lions as I am its frustrating that the team doesn't have larger audiences at BC Place for our home games. Sometimes I think that it's not so bad when you consider that Rogers Arena has less than 19k seats and the Canucks would love to sell 25-30k seats for a game. But, when you have a stadium that has the capacity for over 50k and its half full week after week its a little embarrassing considering that given the fact BC is the current league champions we will be one of the more closely watched teams over the season and a partially filled stadium looks really bad to a national audience.

"What can the Lions do to get the CITY's fans to WAKE up "~ by Gridiron.

Good question. Walking down Robson last Friday night I saw banners hung on the lamp posts. Maybe more of these [along our bridges?] and in certain areas around the city would help. It's all about exposure.

The Lions website has a link that shows game attendance over the years. Interestingly, the lions are not far off their "normal" game attendance even at a measly 25, 000. Certain games still bring in 35,000+ fans. I'm not concerned when our generation is let out to pasture because the older generation back in the 50s who no longer attend games has been replaced by our generation and I'm confident that fast forward to 2020 or 2025 the Lions will still be around and maybe drawing a greater fan base.

You make an interesting point about demographics. I've never analyzed it or researched it but it would be interesting to see if the fan base is mainly Caucasian and if so to what degree. As we all know the demographics of Vancouver and surrounding region has changed considerably, however there are also many Asians who are second generation that know the game well. I'd be curious to know what the ethnic break down is at a given game and whether anything can be read into this or not.

The comments you have heard are from those who are simply casual observers and do not appreciate the CFL for what it is. They do not know what they're talking about. They hear one or two of their clown friends say something disparaging so they jump on the band wagon and parrot the same drivel.

Personally, I'm not going to fret about it or come up with ways the Lions franchise can increase its fan base. That is up to the club to solve that one. My wife and I will continue enjoying to the fullest the excitement of going to the games, going to the practises out in Surrey, enjoying the camaraderie around us. For us it is a great evening of entertainment all around whether we're the only ones in the stadium or there are 50, 000.

Trouble is the media is so in love with the Canucks. To opposite polarizations too! The Canucks in house radio Team 1040 would never say a critical word about the Canucks. On the other end, Dan Russel will repeat and repeat any piece of negative dirt he can get on the Canucks. Sometimes, I think both radio stations try to out do each other, they forget there are other sports going on. So sick of hearing about Roberto Luongo...who cares, its July!

The Lions lost a generation of fans in the 90's with bad ownership, (Pezzam & Skalbania quickly come to mind) It will take time to build that back up.

Personally, I think Vancouverites aren't diehard sport fans to begin with. Vancouver sport fans in general arent that well educated unfortunately. Even witth the Canucks, you have two destinct type of fans. A big segment of that fanbase consider themselves Canuck fans because that's the in thing. Somehow I doubt those people were on the bandwagon at the end of the 1990s when the Canucks were getting outdrawned by the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Well,I hope the Lions figure it out and perhaps they cold help out Montreal and TO at the sometime. The bigger markets need to figure this issue out.

[b]The LIONS play in the SUMMER when a lot of people go out of Town or do Summer Activities like Boating, Swimming, Camping, Hiking, Picnics.

The OVERPAID And BORING canucks play in the WINTER when it's RAINING all the Time and unless you like to SKI there really is NOTHING else to do but watch Hockey.

I think the fact the LIONS can draw at least 25,000 at this Time of Year is a GOOD Thing![/b] :thup:

Take a good look around this city you will see a high number of Asians now look at the crowds at lions games do you see the same amount ? No . Imagine if the Lions could perk the interest of the Asian community we would easily have the highest attendance in the league.
The problem with immigration in this country is they re so busy telling them about how free they are in Canada we forget to tell them as part of being a Canadian we expect them to be a part of the community they live in and YES that means Canadian traditions .

The problems alluded to here in regards to the CFL is the same here as it is in other “large” Canadian markets; far too many people consider it not “major league”. These are largely league issues that hopefully will be corrected in the not too distant future. #2- The lions themselves are not doing themselves any favors by HORRIBLE to non-existent marketing efforts. The fact that the team keeps upping prices to the point that casual fans and some families are choosing to stay away. All this must change if this trend is ever to reverse

Agree . Today on team 1040 one listener was talking to Denis skulsky about getting companies to do small deductions off of paychecks to pay for season tickets i thought that would be a great idea. [url=] ... ndance.pdf[/url]

Average attendance between 1983- 2009 at BC Place was 29, 465. What I find very interesting was the 1986 year. That was the Lions’ very best year for attendance figures. In that year the Lions recorded its highest total attendance in franchise history [418,738]. This was better than the Canucks’ total attendance for that year even though the Canucks had more than 4x as many home games as the Lions. The team was averaging over 46,000 per game. This total includes one regular season game against Edmonton where 59,478 spectators were in attendance. A regular season game, not a playoff game!

I know the Lions won the Grey Cup in ’85 and would be hosting the Grey
Cup in 1986. Also, this was the year of the Exposition in Vancouver [Expo ‘86]. But, was there anything else that could account for such an incredible year that the Lions head office could recapture? Surely it has to do with more than the fact that the Lions won the Grey Cup the previous year, with Expo and that the Grey Cup was going to be played in Vancouver that year. I would be very interested in knowing.

Oilerrocker, you suggested it may be an Asian demographics/cultural issue that needs to be addressed and said, “Take a good look around this city you will see a high number of Asians now look at the crowds at lions games do you see the same amount ? No. Imagine if the Lions could perk the interest of the Asian community we would easily have the highest attendance in the league.?

I have thought the same thing but the stats do not bear this out. The Asian population is significantly higher in the last few years in the lower mainland than it was 15 years ago or even 10 years ago and yet average game attendance is way up if you compare figures during 2005 through 2010 to those between 1996 through 2004.

I’m not convinced that it is a matter of tapping into any one particular ethnic group although it would be interesting to know if the head office actually keeps demographic stats on just what the ratio between Asians and Caucasians is.

Statistically, the 1986 season appears to be an anomaly. Can the Lions draw in such lofty numbers in the future I don’t know. Like I’ve said, I’d like to know why that particular year was so exceptional.

Can the Lions average more than 30,000 per game on a regular basis? Statistically they’ve accomplished this about 50% of the time while in B.C. Place. I think some of it has to do with how well the Lions are playing in a particular year, marketing/ticket pricing and who the Lions are playing on a given night.

I support the Argos so we have the same problems only worse.

Pricing, the indifference of immigrants, the idea theat CFL falls into a hole somewhere between minor and major league, Hockey, holidays etc etc. They all play a part.

However the basic reality is that in big cities people will do what they want to do with their leisure dollar and not enough are attending in the 3 big metro areas. Als V Argos should be HUGE.

Some things are beyond our control. Fact is that NFL and MLB have that Big Time pan-continental feel and we cannot equal that . Fact is that immigrants are largely soccer fans and we can't change that .

What we can do is get pricing right, get marketing right, get as much exposure as possible. All this can be pushed.

That said your avearge after 6 home games is nearly 30,000. Not good enough but not at all bad either. if only we had it.

Vancouver is just a terrible sports town. Lets be honest about it. We love our Lions, but there's just not enough of us out there to fill the stadium up. The organization has to know Vancouver is what it is, but they can't just be complacent. What I see from the Lions marketing team is complacency. It appears that they hope that the new BC Place along with the team's success will sell itself. Unfortunately that doesn't work when the casual fan has so many options to spend their dollars.

You will always get 25k diehards at each game. It doesn't matter if they play at empire, old or new BC Place, rain or shine, they will be there. It's the casual fans they need to seriously reach out to and need to reach out aggressively. Having cheap upper bowl tickets would be a great start for next season.

My advice is to stop worrying about what other folks think of the CFL or the Lions. They think it's semi pro? Who cares what they think.

They announced 29K on Saturday for the Argos, which are always the lowest draw of the year out west.

I see Lions car flags and window stickers all the time these days. I remember a time when people would take their car to the scrap heap if they couldn't get the Lions bumper sticker off.

CFL is in great shape. The brand is strong. The business is valid. The product is legit. No one is going to fold.

It will never be as big as NFL, but FNF tv ratings often rival HNiC.

I have tons of friends who all go to the games. We tailgate together. Everything is fine. Come down to Quebec and Terminal before the game and enjoy yourself.