Vancouver: Rider Fan has Arrived!

The weekend is here and so too is Rider Fan, safe from the long trek from Calgary.
It is great to see them and good to see them representing Rider Pride. These guys are coming hard and they won't stop bringing it until kick off. The BC Place parking lot looks like an agricultural fair with all the farm vehicles parked and the tailgate parties going on. Rider Fan, sporting his Joe "747" Adams and Bob Macoritti jerseys has his Hibachi all fired up and is doling out wholesome Saskatchewan fare : prairie oysters, wheat sandwiches and steaming bowls of flax. 8 track ghetto blasters are cranking out the Helix, Kick Axe and Krokus. One guy has the Betamax playing a tape of the last Grey Cup victory way back in .... errr....well the last one.
(Rider Grey Cups are about as common as a poster that can spel.)
Rider players have also arrived and are making the media rounds. Some have appeared on sports shows, others were featured on Crimestoppers. Team photos have been spotted in our local post offices. The Lions are favoured by seven, Rider bail has been posted a bit higher.

Sadly not all Vancouverites have shown the hospitality that typifies Lion Fan. PETA has protested the use of oxen to haul around the engineless Trans Ams that some Rider Fans like to roll in.

Nevertheless the atmosphere is electric and everything is pointing to a fun Sunday afternoon.

Some directions for Rider Fan upon leaving Vancouver: point the combine east and take Highway 1. Regina is past Calgary but Winnipeg is beyond Hope.

See you Sunday! GO LIONS!!!!!